Xiaomi’s “MS11” First Electric Car from Xiaomi: Pics Leaks
Xiaomi’s “MS11” First Electric Car from Xiaomi: Pics Leaks

Xiaomi’s “MS11” First Electric Car from Xiaomi: Pics Leaks

January 31, 2023

Xiaomi “MS11” Electric Car 

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant, is reportedly in the final stages of developing its first electric vehicle, the MS11. Recently, images of the car have been leaked by a Weibo user before the launch of the car. MS11 was spotted on Chinese roads and in winter testing, fueling speculation about the car’s imminent launch.


The MS11 is said to be a sleek and sporty four-door sedan, bearing a striking resemblance to the BYD Seal and other foreign brands’ electric vehicles. With a full-length glass roof, big wheels, and Wilwood brakes, the MS11 projects an attractive and stylish design. The Xiaomi logo is prominently displayed in the center of the bonnet, and a LiDAR sensor sits at the top of the windshield, adding to the car’s futuristic appeal.


Xiaomi’s MS11 will debut in the global market in 2024.

Xiaomi on MS11

Although Xiaomi has not officially confirmed the existence of the MS11, the company’s entry into the electric vehicle market is a significant sign that not just traditional automobile manufacturers, but other technology giants, are investing in the research and development of electric vehicles. This marks a growing trend in the electric vehicle industry and is a testament to the increasing popularity and acceptance of electric cars.

China and Electric vehicle

China is sitting on the land of golden goose which is Lithium-ion mineral ore. China has the largest reserve of the Li-ion which makes it almost unbeatable in the EV arena and hence so many EV companies are rising from the land of China.


In conclusion, the MS11, indeed it is the car in question, promises to be a stylish and technologically advanced electric vehicle. The entry of Xiaomi into the electric vehicle market is an exciting development and signals the growth of electric vehicles as a viable and sustainable alternative to gasoline-powered cars. Whether Xiaomi will give other Chinese electric vehicle companies tough competition is still in question, which will be tested when the car will be officially launched on the roads.

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