Vida V1, Hero’s first electric scooter, began its first journey
Vida V1, Hero’s first electric scooter, began its first journey

Vida V1, Hero’s first electric scooter, began its first journey

December 30, 2022


After launching its first electric scooter, the Vida V1, Hero MotoCorp begins its first journey in the EV sector. India’s one of the highest two-wheeler manufacturers gets into the EV business with its first EV product. On October 7, 2022 Hero MotoCorp launched its first electric vehicle, the Vida V1. They announced that the product would be available from the second week of December 2022.

As promised, Vida, the first electric brand of Hero MotoCorp kicks off its first journey, with the first model delivered in Bangalore on 30th December 2022. In addition, the company will provide experience centers and pop-up stores in Bangalore, Jaipur, and Delhi-NCR. To make a customer’s transition from traditional ICE two-wheelers to EVs easier and will help first-time buyers become familiar with EV technology. They have also stated deliveries will also start soon in Jaipur and Delhi. Hero MotoCorp Chairman and CEO Pawan Munjal personally delivered the brand’s first electric vehicle in Bangalore.

Pawan Munjal explained that his vision at Vida is to establish a mobility-centric trend that benefits customers and the environment. This marked the beginning of a remarkable step in Hero MotoCorp’s first journey into the Indian electric vehicle market.


Vida V1 is available at a starting price of Rs.1,33,703 in India. The top variant starts at Rs.1,46,066 and comes in 2 variants (Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus) and 3 colors. It comes with removable batteries and multiple charging options. Speaking of technical data, both electric scooters have a top speed of 80 km/h. The Vida V1 Plus has a range of 143 km, while the Vida V1 Pro is said to offer a range of 165 km under ideal conditions. According to the company, these electric scooters can be fast-charged at a speed of 1. 2 km/min. 


The electric two-wheeler market in India is moving at a fast pace and manufacturers are trying to keep up with the competition. Government support and cooperative attitudes are helping many of them. EV product makers in the transportation industry are leading the electric vehicle revolution in the right direction. And the competition in the current field is getting tougher as each of them does their best.


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