Vedanta introduces Electric Vehicle Policy for it’s Employees
Vedanta introduces Electric Vehicle Policy for it’s Employees

Vedanta introduces Electric Vehicle Policy for it’s Employees

December 22, 2022

Vedanta Ltd is a widely diversified natural resources corporation operating globally. It has introduced its Electric Vehicle Policy for employees at all locations as a significant step towards sustainability. Vedanta employees will receive extra benefits on the purchase of electric vehicles under the recently announced incentives.

According to the new policy, the business is giving all employees discounts on the purchase of four-wheeler and two-wheeler electric vehicles, with incentives ranging from 30% to 50% for different employee classes.

As almost 12% of the world’s GHG emissions are brought on by road-based transportation, the company has taken this initiative to help the transition. Vedanta has promised that all of its light motor vehicles will be carbon-free by 2030 as part of its commitment to Net-Zero Carbon. To hasten the transformation, it plans to spend USD 5 billion over the following ten years. This EV Policy will take effect and be applicable on purchases made by firm employees from December 2022 onwards.

They are glad to announce the implementation of their new EV policy for staff members keeping in mind their people-first concept and incorporating ESG standards into everything they do.

The strategy would encourage more employee EV adoption and will also encourage a shift towards sustainable mobility whilst supporting India’s green transportation effort. With the program, they also aid other businesses to adopt sustainability practices and work with them to get the nation to net zero.

Vedanta has established a thorough framework to lead the natural resources industry in ESG. Vedanta intends to invest $5 billion over the next ten years to hasten the transition to net zero operations and is committed to decreasing carbon emissions to zero by 2050 or earlier. Vedanta has made a tremendous contribution in order to fostering the nation’s development. Vedanta’s strategy is centered on governance and sustainable development, with a heavy emphasis on health, safety, and the environment.

The business also announced a partnership with the World Economic Forum and recently joined the one Trillion Tree platform. The company has committed to growing 7 million trees to help build a resilient environment.

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