Vayve Mobility Unveils India’s First Ever Solar Powered Electric Car “Eva”
Vayve Mobility Unveils India’s First Ever Solar Powered Electric Car “Eva”

Vayve Mobility Unveils India’s First Ever Solar Powered Electric Car “Eva”

January 13, 2023

Vayve Mobility Solar Powered Electric Car “Eva”

Vayve Mobility a Pune Maharashtra-based startup company unveiled India’s first solar-powered electric car, named ‘Eva’ at the Auto Expo 2023. The car is said to be completely powered by solar energy, with the ability to run up to 250 kilometers on a single charge. The car is equipped with a 14 kWh battery that can be charged through solar panels or a regular electric outlet. 


Talking about the car’s design, it is sleek and modern, with a compact build that makes it perfect for city driving. The car’s body is made of lightweight materials keeping in mind the flexibility and futuristic idea. This design will help to reduce its overall weight and increase its efficiency. Now the question is how does this car work? 

The car’s solar panels are integrated into the roof, making them nearly invisible and giving the car a sleek and streamlined look. The car can be charged from the battery in the car apart from solar charging. 

According to Vayve Mobility, the car has been designed keeping the Indian market in mind, which lays emphasis on affordability and practicality. The car can fit two adults and a child. Eva is convenient to charge, climate-controlled, and easy to drive and park.


When we come to the pricing of the vehicle, the company plans to price the car competitively, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. The car’s compact size and efficient design make it perfect for city driving, and its solar power source eliminates the need for fueling it, making it an eco-friendly option. The car comes with a host of features including a rearview camera, a touchscreen infotainment system, and automatic emergency braking. 


The car is powered by a liquid-cooled PMSM motor, the solar car produces 6kW of power. With a 14 kWh battery pack, active liquid cooling, four-hour charging on a standard socket, and rapid charging on CCS2, it can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Apart from that, it is built on a Monocoque chassis. The car is also safe with a driver’s airbag and an IP-68-certified powertrain. The car can cover a range of 250km on a single charge. 

The solar car produces 6kW of power with a 14 kWh battery pack

Charging Time
Four-hour on the standard socket and 45 minutes on rapid charging CCS2



Monocoque chassis

Liquid-cooled PMSM motor



Vayve Mobility plans to start production of the Eva solar car in the coming months, with the goal of making it available to customers by the end of the year. With the growing concern for the environment and the increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation options, the Eva solar car is sure to be a hit in the Indian market. It is a step towards a sustainable future for transportation in India and it could be a model for other developing countries to follow. 


Vayve Mobility’s Eva solar car is an exciting development for the Indian market and for the future of sustainable transportation. Its affordable pricing, practical design, and eco-friendly power source make it a compelling option for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The company’s ambitious plan to make the car available to customers by the end of the year will be watched with keen interest. The car will hit Indian roads by 2024.

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