TOYOTA INNOVA HYCROSS: More Efficient Than its Earlier Models
TOYOTA INNOVA HYCROSS: More Efficient Than its Earlier Models

TOYOTA INNOVA HYCROSS: More Efficient Than its Earlier Models

February 10, 2023

Toyota Innova Hycross 

Toyota has launched its legendary SUV INNOVA model INNOVA HYCROSS in December 2022. Innova Hycross is coming in five variants: G-SLF, GX, VX, ZX, and ZX(O). The first two variants are petrol based while the remaining three variants are hybrid based.

INNOVA HYCROSS has a 52 L petrol tank with a 1.7 kWh capacity of Ni-MH battery. This battery is not needed to be plugged in externally, though the battery is charged internally through regenerative braking (a process in which the motor acts as a generator). The maximum output of the engine is 137 kW (183.7 HP). 

No separate nob/ Switch required –

INNOVA HYCROSS has an e-Drive with a sequential shift transmission system which does not need a separate nob for switching to the electric mode or petrol mode of driving.

Normally when the vehicle’s speed is below 40 km/h, it uses its electric motor to drive the vehicle. And when speed increases above 40 km/h, then the vehicle automatically starts the petrol engine. Innova Hycross gives mileage of 21.1 km/L which without an electric motor gave 16.1 km/L only.

However, Hycross has three driving modes: Normal, Eco, and Power. In Eco mode, the internal combustion engine only charges the battery and does not send power to the wheel unless the throttle is pressed more. In Power mode, the petrol engine is rarely turned off and more power is delivered available to the vehicle.  Normal mode is in between Eco and Power and provides a good balance between efficiency and performance.

Battery Replacement Cost –

Toyota gives 8 years/ 1,60,000 km of warranty on its battery. The battery alone can drive the Hycross up to 10 km. As per some sources, the Toyota INNOVA HYCROSS battery replacement cost is around Rs. 4 lakhs. But over the period of 8-year battery cost may be low.

However, Toyota gives 3 years/ 1,00,000 km of warranty which can be extended up to 5 years/ 2,20,000 km on the full vehicle.

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