Top 5 best-selling electric four-wheelers in India in 2022
Top 5 best-selling electric four-wheelers in India in 2022

Top 5 best-selling electric four-wheelers in India in 2022

December 31, 2022

The Indian electric vehicle market is changing rapidly and manufacturers are trying to keep up with the competition. In electric four-wheelers, Tata Motors leads the market with the highest-performing products. When it comes to India’s best-selling electric vehicles, Tata Motors still tops the list. And here is the list of the top 5 best-selling electric cars in India in 2022. Also, the best electric cars available in India in 2023.

Year-on-year electric vehicle sales for all brands totaled 17,800 units. And in the current financial year from April 2022 to November 2022, 25,700 electric vehicles were sold. Data for December have not been updated and are not included. That is half of last year’s entire financial year, and car sales have increased 1.5 times in just eight months.

And the expected sales volume of EV cars in 2023 is 50,000 units.

And when it comes to the individual performance of each top EV brand, it reveals a clear vision for the best-selling EV. Also, how easily Tata Motors leads the market, despite the fierce competition that doesn’t bog down. Now let’s search the list of top brands and their performance.


Tata Motors

Since April 2022, Tata Motors has sold about 2,600 units per month. And that number continues to grow as you can see that for the past few months it has been selling around 3000 units per month. And the cumulative sales volume so far this year is 21,500 units per year.

MG Motors

In the 2nd most competitive area, there is a sales record of around 250 units per month, and according to the data, the number of sales is increasing every month. And the total sales volume is 2670 units per year.

Hyundai Hyundai

itself ranks him third in the Indian electric vehicle market, with monthly sales he has between 60 and 70 units. The sales growth of Hyundai products is getting better month by month and the numbers are increasing. And that comes to the number of 450 units per year.


Being the fourth listed EV vehicle also shows sales growth of 30 to 50 units per month.

Mahindra and Mahindra

They will not launch an EV until 2023, but they’ve amassed a lot of inventory. So, the old car that I used to sell on Mahindra e2o and then e verito.

This data shows that over the past eight months, all brands have sold a combined total of 25,700 units, with Tata Motors individually selling 21,500 units. This is how Tata Motors dominates its EV market in India. Tata Motors Tiago EV and Punch EV are his 2023 launch products and will continue to lead the company going forward.


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