Tata Motors Showcased Eight EVs in Commercial and Passenger Segment
Tata Motors Showcased Eight EVs in Commercial and Passenger Segment

Tata Motors Showcased Eight EVs in Commercial and Passenger Segment

January 11, 2023

Tata Motors at Auto Expo 2023 

Tata Motors at the Auto Expo 2023 unveiled their new generation architecture that is not only futuristic but also stylish in appearance. These vehicles will take the Indian roads to sustainable and cleaner solutions. With the unveiling of these five vehicles, Tata Motors is contributing not only to the private vehicle segment but also to the commercial segment.

The Executive Director of Tata Motors Mr. Girish Wagh said, “It is the zero-emission electric vehicle that is going to play a key role in decarbonizing the cargo and passenger mobility. We at Tata Motors have taken a lead in the journey by introducing the Starbus EV and the Ace EV with a specific focus on inter-city and urban mobility focus. Tata Motor wishes to achieve net zero emission by 2035”

Apart from Starbus and Ace EVs, Tata Motors decided to showcase three more electric vehicles at the Auto Expo 2023.

Magic EV

Magic electric vehicle is used for last-mile passenger transportation. Magic has been easing the journey for passengers for 15 years now and the advancement hasn’t stopped yet. This new EV has a Modular architecture, combined with multiple EV applications, and multiple seating configurations.

Ultra E.9

This smart logistics truck is used for intra-city high-capacity transfers. These types of vehicles can be used more likely by delivery companies that deal in high-capacity goods. Flipkart, Amazon, BigBasket, Fashion Brands, and many more can be the top players using Ultra E.9.

Prima E.28K

Prima E.28K is a high-performance tripper that will be used for construction and mining applications. It is a heavy commercial vehicle that will decarbonize the heavy sectors of India.

“These five electric vehicles together will address most of the intra-city applications.” said the Executive Director of Tata Motors Mr. Girish Wagh. Tata Motors believes in the notion that EVs are the future that has already arrived into the present.

This is not the end, Tata also launched three passenger vehicles that will make all heads turn.

“As we take a giant leap towards moving India to a greener future, the automobile industry contributes alone to 80% of global emissions. Therefore curbing emissions as an industry is important to drive the world to carbon neutrality. Tata Motors will be amongst the leaders of green mobility globally. We aim to attain net zero emissions by 2040 for passenger business vehicles. EVs contribution in our portfolio is likely to increase 25% in five years and reach 50% by 2030.” said the managing director of Tata Motors passenger vehicles limited and Tata Passenger electric mobility Mr. Shailesh Chandra.

Tata launched these new vehicles with Gen 3 architecture that will introduce giant strides to the EV sector. These vehicles will redefine future mobility. Without any further waiting, let’s have a look at these three vehicles launched by Tata.

Avinya EV

Avinya is derived from the Sanskrit language which means innovation. It introduces a new typology that liberates enough room and comfort for the passengers in the car. The vehicle will have a new architecture, AI features, and whatnot. The car seems to have double-body tone colors. It will be introduced in the market by the end of 2025.

Harrier EV

Harrier EV is a five-seater SUV that is built on the Omega architecture derived from the legendary land rover architecture. Harrier EV is designed in collaboration with Jaguar Land rover. If you are Gen 2 EV driver, don’t worry because these advanced features can be availed by you. You can enjoy features like Dual motor setup, All Wheel Drive, V2L, and V2V charging, H Computing, Cloud connected telematics, and over years updates.

Sierra EV

Sierra EV is a fast-moving, all-wheel drive vehicle seven-seater SUV that not just gives comfort but also brings close the whole family that loves to ride together.

Apart from that, Tata Motors also launched a few hydrogen-based fuel cell-powered concept vehicles that were produced in partnership with Indian Oil, and the deliveries for the same will began by 2024. These Hydrogen vehicles will have only water as the by-product. These two hydrogen-based vehicles were Prima E.55S and Starbus fuel bus EVs.

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