Taiwan based Gogoro Makes Indian Debut
Taiwan based Gogoro Makes Indian Debut

Taiwan based Gogoro Makes Indian Debut

November 6, 2022

According to Gogoro’s release, the business will outline its “vision for smart energy and urban transportation” and discuss its efforts to decarbonize India’s urban mobility and last-mile sector during the press conference. Gogoro may therefore be thinking about releasing B2B goods for use in applications involving last-mile deliveries. Gogoro may also provide B2C items to individual clients in the future.

About Gogoro

A battery-swapping refueling station for electric two-wheel scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes in urban environments was developed by the Taiwanese company Gogoro. Additionally, it manufactures its own electric scooters and collaborates with partners who are vehicle manufacturers, including Hero, Yamaha, Aeonmotor, PGO, easy, and eMOVING. Additionally, Gogoro runs the ride-sharing service GoShare in Taiwan and on the Japanese island of Ishigaki.

Gogoro Scooter Models & Battery Pack

The majority of Gogoro’s models have detachable battery packs, and the company offers both low- and high-speed electric scooters. Its USP is a reliable battery-switching system. Gogoro may launch the S1 e-scooter in India, according to rumors, however, specifics of its intentions for the country are still unknown. The company plans to launch this model in India with the expectation that it will be just as popular as it has been in Gogoro’s home market of Taiwan.

The Gogoro S1 is propelled by a mid-mounted motor with a maximum torque of 27Nm and a maximum output of 9.65bhp. It is powered by a swappable lithium-ion battery pack with a reported range of 150 kilometers at a cruising speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

The six motorcycles realized by the Gogoro are:

Gogoro SuperSport
Gogoro Series 2
Gogoro Delight
Gogoro Viva XL
Gogoro Viva Mix
Gogoro Viva

Gogoro might also try to expand its B2B business in India by bringing its most cost-effective device, most likely the Gogoro Viva. A less powerful 4bhp powerplant in this car generates 85Nm of wheel torque. The quoted range at 30 km/h is 85 km. The Indianized Gogoro S1 will compete with feature-rich e-scooters like the Hero Vida V1 Pro, Ather 450X, and Ola S1 Pro if it is made available in India.

Alliance with Hero Motors 

Hero MotoCorp wants to create a new ecosystem in India using its knowledge and technology. The Vida V1, the company’s first electric scooter, includes the battery swapping functionality as well. This tactic openly discloses the company’s future objectives.

We anticipate that Gogoro will be represented by Hero MotoCorp in India, but will also function independently. The possibility of the business launching its own brand of electric two-wheelers as well as a battery-swapping ecosystem that Hero MotoCorp might utilize later is very high.

New Alliance with Zypp

Zypp Electric

A complete EV ecosystem, including Gogoro network stations, Gogoro smart batteries, and Gogoro smart scooters, was introduced alongside the B2B project by Gogoro and Zypp. The corporation claims that the outcomes of this pilot project would be applied to growing its operations in India.

Gogoro has changed batteries in more than 350 million vehicles worldwide to date, and the business thinks battery swapping can be a practical way for the Indian automotive market to adopt electric mobility. The business runs more than 11,000 battery-swapping stations in more than 2,240 locations across the globe. Gogoro switches out more than 370,000 batteries each day.

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It is really encouraging to observe and comprehend the ongoing development of various charging technologies, which will gradually pile up over time to provide answers for the charging anxiety that we will all experience as the adoption of EVs picks up even more speed.

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