SWITCH Mobility Unveiled SWITCH EiV 7 Electric Bus
SWITCH Mobility Unveiled SWITCH EiV 7 Electric Bus

SWITCH Mobility Unveiled SWITCH EiV 7 Electric Bus

January 14, 2023

SWITCH EiV 7 Electric Bus

SWITCH Mobility Ltd Unveiled SWITCH EiV 7 Electric Bus on Wednesday at the Auto Expo 2023. Nitin Gadkari, India’s Minister of Road Transport and Highways, launched this highly modern electric bus for smart city travel.

Switch Mobility is the electric vehicle arm of the Hinduja Group. They are manufacturers of next-generation carbon-neutral electric buses and light commercial vehicles.


The new SWITCH EiV 7 is specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs of the urban community, such as last-mile connectivity through metro feeders and smart commuting for staff and schools, strengthening the current EiV series. The first electric double-decker in India, the SWITCH EiV 22, is also on display in its open-top version.


SWITCH EiV 7 features customer-centric offerings on technology and passenger comfort with low floor, luxurious seating, in-vehicle connectivity, and
With a low floor, plush and luxurious seats, in-vehicle connectivity, and exceptional ride comfort, SWITCH EiV 7 offers a customer-centric perspective on technology and passenger comfort.


A whole new generation of extremely effective, modular batteries with cutting-edge NMC chemistry, created specifically for the Indian market and climatic conditions, are included in the new electric bus. This bus will provide outstanding drive performance and efficiency and be embedded with patented technological solutions, such as “SWITCH ION,” to enable remote, real-time diagnostics and monitoring, ensuring operator peace of mind.


The SWITCH EiV 7 has a range of up to 250 kilometers with dual gun charging at a cheaper total cost of ownership.

EiV 7 Technical Specifications

7M – Low Floor

Metro Feeder / Staff / School

Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motor; 1100 Nm Peak

Battery Technology
Advanced Lithium-Ion battery

Air Suspension

Pneumatic Disc Brakes at Front & Rear

Door Locations
Wheel Base

Upto 250 kms/day with fast charging

Charging Time
1.5 – 2 Hours

Floor Height
400 mm (Low Floor)

2995 mm

7300 mm

2200 mm

Seating Capacity
24+D (Customizable Seating)


SWITCH Mobility has a demonstrated great concept and solid heritage in the bus industry both in the UK and Indian markets, according to Dheeraj Hinduja, Executive Chairman of SWITCH Mobility. Their extensive experience in the commercial vehicle sector enables them to supply domestically produced technology that meets the ever-changing demands of our clients. Their sizable order book within a short time of entering the Indian market attests to the respect and confidence their cherished clients have in their brand. In order to create cleaner, emission-free cities, they will keep advancing best-in-class innovations and technologies for sustainable public transportation solutions.

Given the lower operating costs and promises of sustainability, private operators are demonstrating a strong interest in the Indian electric bus sector. They are excited to present SWITCH EiV 7, their newest product in the EIV series, which will transform last-mile mobility, staff mobility, and school transportation operations nationwide. The sophisticated architecture of the SWITCH EiV 7 contributes to improved operational effectiveness and greater performance, enabling smart city commutes in India.


In keeping with the company’s global strategy, SWITCH Mobility will continue to develop into new areas while introducing exciting new products to the electric commercial vehicle industry.

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