Okinawa Autotech Announces Extended Warranty Partnership with Assurant Inc.
Okinawa Autotech Announces Extended Warranty Partnership with Assurant Inc.

Okinawa Autotech Announces Extended Warranty Partnership with Assurant Inc.

February 8, 2023

Okinawa ties up with Assurant, a US-based business services company, in order to provide a more comprehensive program than the current one. For their brand to be stronger in the field and for their customers to receive better service.


Okinawa Autotech, one of India’s electric scooter brands, has partnered with Assurant Inc. to offer an extended warranty program. The manufacturer offers six models of electric scooters for the Indian electrical vehicle market. Okinawa boasts guidelines such as Go Green, Save Mother Earth, Clean the Environment, and Reduce CO2.

The company, along with partner Assurant, extended the warranty to a range of battery-powered vehicles. Assurant Inc. is a leading global business services company headquartered in the United States.

This brand-new program was introduced to enhance the after-sales experience through multiple benefits. The newly introduced extended warranty program is available for up to 2 years with prices ranging from Rs 2287 to Rs 5494 depending on the model. The company will offer the extended warranty not only to prospective customers but also to existing customers who have purchased vehicles in the last three years.

The upgraded program covers key powertrain components such as traction motors, controllers, DC-DC converters, and chargers. With its updated warranty program, the company claims to be the first to also offer warranties on wire harnesses and frame assemblies.

Our extended warranty program is managed by over 540 authorized dealers under expert supervision. An extended warranty makes the claim process faster, easier, and hassle-free. Also, consumers can easily use it according to their requirements.

Jeetender Sharma, MD, founder of Okinawa Autotech, explained the extended warranty. He said their main goal has always been to provide customers with the support they need and build a lasting brand in the automotive industry. We are pleased to announce our partnership. This fulfills Okinawa’s promise to provide unparalleled after-sales service that delights its customers.





He claims to be the first company in the industry to develop a unique warranty program strategically designed to relieve customers of early repair costs after their standard warranty expires.

Recently, Okinawa Autotech opened its first research and development (R&D) center in Italy, Europe, in collaboration with its joint venture (JV) partner, Tacita. The company also gave a glimpse of an electric cruiser that it plans to launch later this year. The cruiser bike will be the first product designed here and will be unveiled later this year.

The following video provides more information about EVs on Okinawa 


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