Motovolt Mobility unveiled its M7 Electric Scooter
Motovolt Mobility unveiled its M7 Electric Scooter

Motovolt Mobility unveiled its M7 Electric Scooter

January 12, 2023

Motorvolt M7 Electric Scooter 

Motovolt Mobility, an Indian electric two-wheeler (e2w) manufacturer, has recently unveiled its first e2w scooter range, the M7. According to Tushar Choudhary, the Founder, and CEO of Motovolt Mobility, about 50% of e2Ws in India are used to carry goods. With this in mind, the company has designed and developed the M7 range to meet the needs of Indian consumers who use e2ws for both personal and commercial use.


One of the unique features of the M7 is that it will come with a battery subscription model. This means that customers will be able to subscribe to the battery, rather than buying it outright. This subscription model is aimed at making the M7 more affordable for a wider range of customers. Additionally, it also ensures that the customer doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance of the battery, as it will be taken care of by Motovolt Mobility.


The M7 range will come with a range of features that are designed to make it more practical and user-friendly. For example, it will have a spacious cargo area, which will make it ideal for carrying goods. It will also have a low step-through design, making it easy for the rider to get on and off the scooter. Additionally, the M7 will come with a digital instrument cluster and a mobile charging point, which will make it more convenient for the rider to stay connected on the go.

The M7 is also designed to be energy-efficient, with a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of up to 50 km per charge. This makes it ideal for short commutes and running errands around the city. The company claims that the M7 will be low on maintenance, with the battery being the only component that needs to be replaced periodically.


In conclusion, Motovolt Mobility’s M7 e2w scooter range is designed and developed in India, keeping in mind the practical needs of Indian consumers. With its battery subscription model and a range of features like a spacious cargo area, low step-through design, digital instrument cluster, and mobile charging point, the M7 is poised to be a practical and user-friendly option for those looking for an e2w.

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