Mayuri Autoshape Electric Rickshaw: Price, Range & Specification
Mayuri Autoshape Electric Rickshaw: Price, Range & Specification

Mayuri Autoshape Electric Rickshaw: Price, Range & Specification

February 15, 2023

Mayuri Autoshape Electric Rickshaw

Mayuri Autoshape Electric rickshaw a one of a kind EV based on the design of the “Thai Tuk Tuk” Model But with a lot of Futuristic features and with Durability to ride on Indian roads make this vehicle special.

It is made from High Rigidity Monocoque Type Chassis and Stong Metallic body and roof, a wheelbase of 2030 mm, and The assured best Class Mileage with the experience of the unmatchable power and efficiency of the E-Rickshaw.

Our Electric Vehicle analyst has done thorough research on this vehicle and we will tell you here in this article what is pros and cons of this vehicle on the basis of that you can make an easy decision whether to buy this Electric rickshaw or not.

Range and Price 

Mayuri hasn’t disclosed the exact range of the vehicle right now but our expert assumed that range would be around less than 100 km on a single charge.

The price of the Mayuri auto shape will be between Rs.1 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs which will include its all variants.

Seating Capacity 

At the front in the display model, only driver seating space is shown and in the back or passenger seats, only 3 people can seat properly.

But this seating capacity may change in the Final product.

Body type

When you see the body of this E rickshaw you see it has an open structure. no doors. and the chassis is made from High Rigidity Monocoque Type metallic brass.


Brushless Dc hub Motor of 1 kW power with the 48 V intake power


50A, 24 Mosphets is the power capacity of the controller with a voltage of 48V.


Mayuri hasn’t disclosed the proper details of the battery of auto shape but some minor details have been said like there will Dual Battery.

And probably the company can use either lead acid or lithium batteries depending on cost and govt regulations.


SMPS With Voltage Fluctuation Protected charger with an output of 15 Ampere.


Vehicle Capacity
4 Seater

Body Type

Not Disclosed

Frame Material
Mild Steel

High Rigidity Monocoque Type

Ground Clearance
200 mm

Rs. 1.00 Lakh – 1.05 Lakh

Less than 100 km range on a single charge

Charging Time
4 Hrs

Motor type
Brushless Dc Motor

Motor Power
1 KW with 48 V intake power

Brake Front
Lever Operated, Drum Type

Brake Rear
Paddle Operated, Drum Type

Parking Brake
Mechanical Hand Lever Operated

Front 43mm Telescopic Suspension

Rear Leaf Spring Shockers

Front and rear 3.75-12mm

Controller Capacity
50A, 24 Mosphets

Controller Voltage
48 V

Charger type
SMPS With Voltage Fluctuation Protection

Charger output
15 A

Battery Type
Lead Acid Battery


Key Feature

Heavy Chassis
Steel Roof
Heavy Curtain
Led Cabin Light
Front Glass With Wiper
FM With Double Speaker
Auto Shape Front Facade
FRP Side & Back Panel


With the advanced technology, the Mayuri auto shape manufacture E-Rickshaw with causing almost zero ecological disruptions. Experience the unmatchable power and efficiency of the E-Rickshaw.

Ride your E-Rickshaw for longer hours, with enhanced battery power. and they still need to launch their auto shape vehicle so its look may vary.

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