Matter unveiled Made In India Electric Motorbike
Matter unveiled Made In India Electric Motorbike

Matter unveiled Made In India Electric Motorbike

November 21, 2022

Matter, an electric vehicle startup from Ahmedabad was founded in 2019 with the core idea to transform the vehicles industry by bringing new waves of electrification into vehicles so that the world could move into a cleaner place. The USP of the company is using a “Liquid-cooled” EV battery pack. Since India is a hot country and they needed to bring new options.

The company faced a lot of rollercoasters in bringing its EVs to life. However, today is the day that they are bringing their e-bikes into reality.

Highlights Of Matter Electric Motorbike

Matter’s motorcycle comes with a “GEAR BOX.” This is something we have never seen in an electric vehicle.
The e-bike has a power of 10.5 kW, with a 4-speed hyper-shift manual gearbox, 520 Nm torque, and an inbuilt liquid cooling.
The e-bike has a capacity of 5 kWh, a super smart BMS, IP67 protection, and it offers a range of 125-150 kms.
The e-bike comes with additional features so that you are always connected to your device. These features are auto-reply, music, keyless drive, storage capacity, a seven-inch screen display, accident detection, dual disc brakes, geo-fencing, a calling feature, and a lot many more. The vehicle has 80+ features that allow you to understand the efficiency of the vehicle or you can just discover how you are doing with the ride.
The company has launched a vehicle control application so that you are always updated on your bike’s performance.
The “Advanced Ride Stats” feature is going to tell you your vehicle’s performance. Navigation all the way through your torque to lean value.
The vehicle can be charged from the 5m plug. The charging can be done with a 6A 3-pin charger. Amazing!

Matter Electric Motorbike Specification

125-150 KM

5A3 Pin Charging


10.5 kw

520 NM

Images of Matter Electric Motorbike

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