Maruti Suzuki Planning to Introduce 6 EVs by 2030 in India
Maruti Suzuki Planning to Introduce 6 EVs by 2030 in India

Maruti Suzuki Planning to Introduce 6 EVs by 2030 in India

January 28, 2023

Maruti Suzuki Upcoming Electric Vehicles 

Suzuki, the parent company of Maruti, announced on Thursday at the Auto Expo that the company will introduce its first electric vehicle in Japan during the upcoming financial year 2024 and will later introduce six EVs in India by 2030. Their overall strategy plan has been announced publicly. Suzuki Motors aims to establish a half-a-dozen electric model portfolio in India by 2030 in order to compete in the expanding electrification market. Beginning in 2025, Maruti’s future electric vehicle lineup will be available in India.

Production Plans

In addition, Suzuki predicted that by 2030, electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and internal combustion engine cars will account for 15%, 25%, and 60%, respectively of Maruti’s total production.

The electric sport utility vehicle, which was announced at the Auto Expo 2023 will debut in India in 2025, followed by the introduction of the other models by 2030. According to Suzuki’s estimate, the company would offer battery electric vehicles and internal combustion engines that run on a blend of ethanol, biogas, and CNG to offer a comprehensive spectrum of goods and services.

Concept Vehicle

The concept electric SUV eVX from Maruti was unveiled on January 11, 2023. It will be powered by a 60 kWh battery pack and will have a range of up to 550 kilometers.

Biogas Plan

The company is primarily concentrating on its CNG models, and more specifically, on biogas, to cut its carbon dioxide emissions in India. Suzuki’s all CNG vehicles can also use biogas, which makes up over 70 percent of the CNG car market in India. They contend that the biogas industry in India not only aids in carbon neutrality but also fosters economic development and benefits Indian society. Additionally, they intend to expand their business to other rural regions. The company wants to transition smoothly to the electric vehicle market.

Even though they anticipate that the Indian market will expand by 2030, they also believe that despite the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from products, there will still be an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. It will be difficult for them to face the task of finding a balance between boosting sales and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.


By working with outside partners including start-up businesses, the Suzuki Suppliers Association, and colleges in Japan and India, Maruti hopes to strengthen their manufacturing capabilities.


According to Suzuki Motor Corporation’s mid-term strategic plan, titled Growth Strategy for FY30, the company’s mission is to provide “value-packed goods” while putting the needs of the consumer first. With their key business regions, Japan, India, and Europe as the core, Suzuki will help realize a carbon-neutral society and the economic prosperity of rising nations like India, ASEAN, and Africa, according to the corporation.

Carbon Neutrality Goal

According to Suzuki, the goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in Japan and Europe by 2050 and in India by 2070, based on the deadlines established by each country.

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