Liger X: World’s First Self Balancing Electric Scooter
Liger X: World’s First Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Liger X: World’s First Self Balancing Electric Scooter

February 7, 2023

Liger X Series Electric Scooter 

The Liger X series electric scooter is the ideal solution for those just starting their two-wheeled riding journey. With a cost of around Rs. 1,00,000.00 and a pre-booking deposit of 10-20% of its official price, you can own a self-balancing, made-in-India scooter whose more than 80% of its parts are produced in India.

As One, the official media partner of the Delhi Expo 2023, we were given the opportunity to see and visit this one-of-a-kind vehicle. We discussed how amazing this high-tech vehicle is for public use. With its elegant design and marvelous features, people will be able to ride it near Diwali.

Front Side

The Liger X series scooter boasts not only unique features but also stylish looks. It features a curved, fine headlamp placed in the middle of both handles and a long, bright parking light that serves as a permanent tilak on the forehead of the vehicle, adding a special, made-in-India touch. The Liger X is already considered a revolutionary two-wheeler.

In the middle section, you will notice a bright LED curved triangular-shaped headlamp that comes with upper dipper facilities. The Liger crystal finished logo is placed in it, which provides a wide range of light stimulation. The indicator is placed at the bottom, just above the wheels on the corner side. The front body is made of durable, high-quality fiber metallic material, according to the manufacturer.

This automatic two-wheeler scooter features a high-end telescopic suspension with the Liger logo engraved on it at the front bottom side, a wide 12″ wheel size, mid-size disc brakes, and a common front wheel protector, making it stable and good-looking.

High-tech LED Display

This advanced vehicle boasts a range of smart features, including a high-quality LED display with the Liger logo in the center. Users can view auto-balancing control, 4G connectivity, battery updates, run-time updates, remaining charging time updates, speed control, and temperature indicators.

Control at Handle Bar

You can control the speed on the right-hand side with a normal speed of around 25kmph, a mid-level speed limit of 40-45kmph, and a sport mode reaching speeds of 60-65 kmph. The headlamp controller and disc brake mechanism are also on the right-hand side.

On the left-hand side, you can control the upper dipper, horn, and brake.

Seating and leg space area

The Liger X series offers ample legroom, allowing you to comfortably store a gas cylinder, large bags, or prominent-size boxes in the leg space area.

The auto-balancing vehicle offers ample seating space and comfort with its wide, broad seats. Two larger individuals can comfortably sit on it. You will notice double footrests on the bottom and a single footrest on the left side.

You will also get a curved-shaped back seater Solid grab handle.

Rear side

You will notice a simple but stylish red LED stoplight at the rear. The scooter is equipped with 12″ tubeless tire wheels and the type of brake at the back has not been confirmed yet, whether it will be drum or disc but it will be announced when the booking starts.

Liger X Varient Diffrances 

Liger mobility has unveiled its two models Liger X and Liger X+


Both Have the same looks
The legging and seating areas are the same.
connectivity is similar.
The color combination will be the same for both
Both vehicles can be charged at home.
Both Has Learner mode.
Auto balancing mode
Liquid-cooled batteries
Cell Balancing, Thermal runaway protection
Built for Indian Conditions
Robust Battery Management System (BMS)


The price of Liger X will be Rs.90,000.00 approx and Liger X+ will be more than Rs.90,000.00.
Liger X can go up to 60 to 70 km on a single charge whereas Liger X + can go up to 100+ km on a single charge.
Liger X has a Detachable advanced Liquid Cooled Lithium-ion Battery Battery of approx 2 kWh whereas Liger X+ has a Fixed Advanced liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery of more than 2kwh power.
Liger X has LCD Display whereas Liger X+ has TFT Display.


Liger X
Liger X +

65km+ on a single charge
100km+ on a single charge

Battery Status

Battery type
Liquid-cooled Lithium-ion battery
Liquid-cooled Lithium-ion battery

Battery power
Approx 2 kWH
Approx 3kWH

Top Speed
65 kmph

Auto balancing


Body Type
Metallic Fiber
Metallic Fiber

Learner mode

Gear mode
Normal, Speed, Fast
Normal, Speed, Fast

Reverse mode

Not Disclosed but it will be more than 1lakh

Front: Disc & Rear: Disc or drum
Front: Disc & Rear: disc or drum

Front: Telescopic and Rear:  monoshock
Front: Telescopic and Rear:  monoshock

BLDC HUB motor
BLDC Hub Motor

2KW Approx
2KW Approx

IV67 approved

Robust Battery Management System (BMS)

FAME II subsidy





Q.1 Does the Auto balancing vehicle work when the vehicle turns off?

Ans. No, The vehicle needs to be turned on to activate its A. I do work and in the display, you need to turn on this feature if not required you can turn it off too.

Q.2 When they can do the booking and get delivery?

Ans. Around March or April, the booking will start and you will get delivery at the time period of Dhanteras or Diwali this year.

Q.3 Warranty on Auto balancing system, Motor, and vehicle?

Ans. 1-year warranty you will get in all that’s for sure rest if any changes or improvement you see during Booking started.

Q.4 How can you do the booking and in which city is this vehicle available?

Ans. Booking will open soon Stay connected with our site and our LinkedIn profile and our page at another social networking site you will find the booking relate update there.

This vehicle will available in Tier 1 cities 1st but by the end of the year, they will outsource to other cities too.


The Liger X scooter is a game-changer for the Indian market. Its self-balancing technology and made-in-India production make it a reliable and cost-effective option for first-time riders. Its sleek design and advanced features, such as the 12″ tubeless tire wheels and rear LED stop light, set it apart from other scooters on the market. It is exciting to see the potential for innovation and growth in the Indian two-wheeler industry with the introduction of the Liger X. If you are looking for a smooth, safe, and reliable ride, the Liger X is the perfect choice for you

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