Kinetic Safar Electric Rickshaw Price Range, Specification
Kinetic Safar Electric Rickshaw Price Range, Specification

Kinetic Safar Electric Rickshaw Price Range, Specification

January 30, 2023

Kinetic Safar Electric Rickshaw

Kinetic Green’s highly anticipated three-wheeler, the Kinetic Safar Electric Rickshaw, is now available at an affordable on-road price of approximately Rs. 2 lakhs across India. It comes with a range of different battery options, making it a great option for those looking to save money on transportation.

Below, I will discuss the pros and cons of this vehicle, as well as my own experience riding it, which has given me a better understanding of this amazing three-wheeler.

Front Side

In Kinetic Safar rickshaws, you will see a wide, rectangular curved windshield, or curved protective glass, to protect the rider from the wind, dust, and other unauthorized substances. 
The glass has a powerful, single windscreen wiper, which covers around 60% of the windshield and 80% of the viewing area, thus providing a clear view during rainy periods. 
Kinetic Safari has normal, concave dual side mirrors, wide, yellow halogen indicators on both sides, and round heavy halogen dual headlamps.
In the middle, you will find the Kinetic logo, and below that, in a silver metallic structure, the word “KINETIC” is written. 
As this is an Indian model, it has a single, big 12” tubeless tire, with powerful 130mm drum brakes and heavy dual mono-shock suspension. 
Lastly, you will notice that the front side of the body has been made from a strong, metallic structure.

Driver area and controller

The Kinetic Safari rickshaw is loaded with a lot of new technologies but has been kept budget-friendly by limiting its quantity.
At first, you will notice the foot area is wide, skid-free, and has proper grip-holding; and the whole floor is made of good quality metal.
The seating area with the driver is very comfortable due to its wide, spacious seats, which can hold two to three people including the driver.

Feature on the right side of the handle

On the right side of the handle, you will see three gear modes: Eco, Normal, and Power. You will also get reverse and front gear options. 
Acceleration is controlled through a handle similar to that of a two-wheeler bike. 
Therefore, if you know how to ride a two-wheeler and are looking to switch to riding a three-wheeler for the first time, this kind of vehicle would be a good choice.
You will have a small equipment care section to keep some stuff there.

Feature on the Midsection

You will get a Digital Analog Meter for kilometer reading and battery analysis. 
The meter will show a green light when the battery is full and a red light when it is empty. 
Additionally, you will also get a State of Charge (SOC) digital meter, which provides a digital reading of your battery status. 
The brake controller is conveniently located on both sides of the handle, making it more suitable for two-wheeler riders. 
There is also a hand brake option located at the bottom of the handle, in the middle.
If you want to install a music system then for that a spacious compartment is given near both sides of the analog.

Feature on the left-hand side

On the left side of the handle, you will find the headlamp, wiper, and horn controllers. 
If you have a low battery, you can utilize its reserve mode. 
There is a 5-volt mobile charging port available to charge your mobile. 
If you are traveling with a heavy load or on hilly roads, you can turn on the Power Gear mode, which is located on the left side of the seating area, to give your vehicle a consistent power boost.

Passenger, Back seating, and charging point

At the back of the Kinetic Safar Rickshaw, you will find four to six-seater accommodation space with comfortable hand holders. 
On the right side, while facing the front, you will find a charging port point that can charge your vehicle in a matter of Three to Four hours. 
The spare wheel or extra wheel space is available beneath the seating area of the front side, as well as some additional space. 
The height of the Kinetic Safar Rickshaw is enough to provide a comfortable seating experience even for people of tall stature. 
The roof is comprised of a strong mix of materials, such as leather and fibers, making it sturdy and robust.

Back Side

At the top of the three-wheeler, there is a fiber transparent window that allows the rider and passenger to get a glimpse of the traffic behind them. 
On the left-hand side, there is a high-quality sticker branding that reads “Kinetic Safar SMART”. 
In the middle, there is a robust structure where the Kinetic branding has been done. On either side, there are halogen indicators. 
There are two 12-inch Ceat tires with monoshock suspension and 160mm drum brakes. 
To place the battery, one has to open the lid at the back and place it.

Motor and battery

Kinetic Safar offers a powerful 1.2 kW BLDC hub motor, which has been seamlessly integrated into its design. 
It is available in two battery options: a lead battery of 140 AH and a lithium-ion battery of 4kWH.


The range of an electric scooter varies depending on the type of battery used and the environment in which it is used. 
For solo travel on flat roads with minimal traffic, one can expect to get between 70 and 120 km of travel on a single charge. 
However, if the scooter is carrying a heavy load and traveling on hilly terrain, the range may decrease to 60-70 km.

Note: FAME II subsidy is available on lithium-ion powered batteries. These batteries take less time to charge and have a 3-year warranty.

Other Specification 

Colour Options: Red, Blue, white, green

Price: Rs.2 Lakhs

Range: 70km to 120km on a single charge.

Battery: 140 AH lead acid battery and 4kWh Lithium-ion battery

Charging time : 3 hours approx.

Chargeable at home: Yes.

Maximum loading capacity: approx or less than 700 kgs.

Height: 1790mm

Length: 2785mm

Width: 998mm

Ground Clearance: 220mm

Gradability: 10 degree

Warranty: 3 years on battery and 1 year on motor


Kinetic Safari can be bought with a low down payment of approximately 40,000 with an easy monthly installment up to five years, or depending on the financial institution. Its main advantages include low maintenance and no fossil fuel expenses; it takes around three to four units to be fully charged. For a standard EV, you will get around 10 paise per kilometer. Its disadvantages include a speed of less than 40 km/h, not suitable for heavy loads, and it can travel a limited distance of approximately 70 km before requiring charging. Therefore, it is important to consider your needs and requirements before opting for this vehicle or any three-wheeler.

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