Jodhpur Based Startup Devot Motors Unveiled an Electric Motorcycle
Jodhpur Based Startup Devot Motors Unveiled an Electric Motorcycle

Jodhpur Based Startup Devot Motors Unveiled an Electric Motorcycle

January 20, 2023

Devot Electric Motorcycle 

Jodhpur-based EV startup DEVOT Motors founded in 2019 has unveiled its production-ready electric bike prototype at the Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. The bike, powered by a high-performance 9.5 KW motor, boasts lightning-fast acceleration and a maximum speed of 125 kmph. With a range of 200 kilometers on a single charge, the bike can be fully charged within 3 hours and is suitable for both daily commuting and long outings. The motorcycle will hit Indian roads by the middle of 2023. The prices of the electric bike are expected to be around Rs. 1.5- 2 Lakh.

Let me take you back to this 4-years old startup that has been working on this project since the foundation was laid down. The CEO of Devot motors has expanded its roots to an overseas base where he set up the R&D in the United Kingdom and the development center in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Devot Motors has conducted hard research on what the people in India might like in this bike. With comprehensive market research, identifying customer preferences and dislikes, developing the entire supplier base, prototyping, and endurance testing, the EV startup is ready to appeal to riders who don’t compromise comfort and performance.

Varun Deo Panwar Founder and CEO of Devot Motors said, “With its state-of-the-art technology and striking configuration, we truly believe that the DEVOT motorcycle has the ability to modernize the electric bike segment. The response we received to date is overwhelming and we can’t wait for the official launch. Moreover, I’d like to thank Auto Expo management for providing us with a platform to showcase our product portfolio and raise awareness about EV penetration.”

Look & Design 

The petrol tank of the bike can be opened and users can use it as helmet storage or as an electric scooter boot space.

In terms of design, the bike has a clean retro aesthetic, with attractive paint options for the tank and side cover panels. The bike also comes with advanced features such as a TFT screen, a keyless system with anti-theft, and a type 2 charging point. The Lithium LFP battery provided by DEVOT Motors is less susceptible to issues caused by the depth of discharge, ensuring more reliable performance. In addition to its powerful performance, DEVOT Motors has crafted the bike with environmental sustainability in mind. With lower emissions and low energy consumption, the EV bike is a greener alternative to conventional petroleum-based motorbikes.


Top speed
125 km/ph

200 km on a single charge

Battery pack
LFP pack

Full charging time
3 hours

Around Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakh

Launch date

Motor power
5.5 kWh


DEVOT Motors intends to bring a line of affordable, innovative, and environmentally friendly motorcycles to their Indian homeland. With extensive experience in the British and Indian automotive industries, DEVOT Motors is on a mission to raise awareness among people about the benefits of adopting electric vehicles.


DEVOT Motors’ electric bike prototype is a promising development in the world of electric two-wheelers, with its powerful performance, impressive range, and environmentally-friendly design. With its plans to hit Indian roads by the middle of 2023, we can expect to see more of these bikes on the streets soon.

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