Jharkhand’s e-mobility surge: New Electric Vehicle Policy
Jharkhand’s e-mobility surge: New Electric Vehicle Policy

Jharkhand’s e-mobility surge: New Electric Vehicle Policy

November 9, 2022

The Jharkhand Electric Vehicles Policy is making a lot of buzz in the EV market of late and all eyes are now glued to noting the progress of Jharkhand in terms of electric vehicles. Let’s have a quick glance at the new changes drafted and implemented by the government of Jharkhand. 

The new electric vehicle policy was aired on October 7 and it came with a lot of added incentives to lure people in purchasing the vehicle and in giving an extra push on the festive season.

Jharkhand Electric Vehicle Policy

The notice states that everyone who purchases a brand-new electric vehicle in the state will receive a reimbursement of up to Rs 1.5 lakh. The price of an electric scooter or bike will be discounted by Rs 10,000, an electric car by Rs 30,000, and an electric bus by up to Rs 20 lakh.

Early birds receive bonuses. Buyers of EV automobiles will receive grants for up to 10,000 cars being purchased; similarly, incentives for purchasers of electric scooters or bikes will last up to 1,00,000 such purchases throughout the state; while incentives for buyers of EV cars will last up to 15,000 such purchases. The incentive is valid until 1000 e-buses are purchased. 

Road tax incentive

Not just this, but a provision for road tax exemption has also been provided in addition to this. The first 10,000 purchasers of electric vehicles made in the state will receive a discount of 100%, the next 10,000 to 15,000 purchasers will receive a discount of 75%, and the final purchasers will receive a discount of 25%.

What are the charging facilities available?

There is a proposal to install at least one charging station in a 3km by 3km grid or a minimum of 50 charging stations per 10 lakh people, whichever is higher, to ensure that there are no issues with charging electric vehicles. On National Highways, charging stations will be constructed every 25 kilometers.

What is the subsidy given by the government?

A provision of 50–60% subsidy has also been given for beginning EV charging stations in the state, while the state government would provide subsidies ranging from Rs 2 crore to Rs 30 crore for setting up EV manufacturing plants in Jharkhand.

In addition, the government has made it clear that any state government employee who purchases an electric vehicle (EV) will receive a 100% interest subsidy. Additionally, there has been a focus on EV office use in government buildings.

Jharkhand’s Future Plans for EVs

According to the government of Jharkhand, the state must be promoted as the eastern Indian state most suitable for the production of electric vehicles. By 2027, it is intended to produce advanced chemical cell batteries and develop a center of excellence for EVs.

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