iVOOMi Energy get AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 1 Certification for “JeetX”
iVOOMi Energy get AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 1 Certification for “JeetX”

iVOOMi Energy get AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 1 Certification for “JeetX”

January 30, 2023

iVOOMi JeetX

iVOOMi Energy recently announced that JeetX, along with its extremely lightweight charger and removable battery, is now safer and more secure with the government-regulated AIS 156 Certification, under Amendment III Phase 1. With this certification, iVOOMi Energy is ensuring safety and reliability for its customers and raising the bar for other players in the market. iVOOMi Energy is becoming India’s most competitive and fastest-growing electric two-wheeler scooter manufacturer with the entry of its latest edition of JeetX.

About JeetX

The retro yet modern iVOOMi JeetX is 100% made in India, and with the new financial year, the brand assures Fame II subsidies on the JeetX in Q1 2023. The stylish and minimalist design of the JeetX is sure to turn heads. Along with the updated battery, the Jeet X also features a brand-new seat design. The company claims to have the most comfortable seats in the EV two-wheeler segment, for which a specialized foam with a unique density is used to build a bigger, softer, and ergonomic seat for both city and long rides.

The JeetX battery is the first and only battery in its class to feature a safety fuse along with the connector, which prevents any abnormal electric current exchange between the battery and the scooter, which further improves safety. The company is also working on a pressure valve that further improves the safety of batteries; this feature will be available along with Amendment III Phase 2 by April 2023.

AIS 156 Certification

“The AIS 156 Certification is a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, and we are highly committed to providing the best-in-class safety and security products to our customers. iVOOMi Batteries with updated and more vigilant safety features are now compatible with the iVOOMi JeetX, which will make the riding experience hassle-free. iVOOMi’s lightweight chargers, Made in India design, removable batteries, and amazing service experience add more value to the consumer’s life and set a benchmark in safety, comfort, and convenience.” Managing Director and co-founder of iVOOMi Energy, Sunil Bansal, said

The iVOOMi JeetX is powered by three layers of electrical safety. This makes sure that the rider is safe, no matter what the terrain and geographical weather conditions. The overall vehicle is fitted with a minimalist and clean design, making it look stylish and sophisticated. The new design adds to the overall aesthetic of the product, making it look premium.

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