Is Ola planning to make Ola Electric Boats ?
Is Ola planning to make Ola Electric Boats ?

Is Ola planning to make Ola Electric Boats ?

December 6, 2022

Ola started as a start-up in Bangalore and in a span of a very short time has garnered the reputation of establishing a business on three different continents. It is said to be India’s largest electric mobility platform, as well as a ride-hailing company.

From Ola to Electric

The main vision of Ola has constantly been its continuous turbulent efforts to reduce carbon emissions as well as make the world less of a fuel-dependent colony. Ola plans on doing this by making India the center of electrification.

Ola says;

With Mission Electric, we pledge to reject petrol and commit to electric vehicles by making sure no petrol two-wheelers are sold in India after 2025.

Ola Electric recently launched three two-wheeler variants that have garnered tremendous demand in the EV industry. They are the Ola S1, Ola S1 pro, and the latest Ola S1 Air. All three variants are equally confounded with stunning design, spectacular performance, and futuristic technology.

What’s ahead for Ola?

The Founder and the Chief executive officer of Ola; Bhavish Aggarwal, said recently that;

“We are going to build the sportiest car ever built in India”

It is believed by many EV enthusiasts that this is going to be one of the most ambitious and sportiest cars the EV industry has seen.

As Ola continues to excel in the journey of leading the electric mobility revolution, Bhavish Aggarwal the founder and chief executive officer of Ola tweeted ;

“Love Udaipur! Would love to replace the existing boats with electric ones.”

Love Udaipur! Would love to replace the existing boats with electric ones

— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) December 4, 2022


This will be a much-needed breakthrough in the boating industry, the industry in recent times has faltered with low horsepower engines taking up more than half the boat. That sure is in the process of changing. Fortified with the latest technology electric boats are the new change; they are faster, have smaller batteries, are less noise-polluting, and have zero emissions.
With the monumental development and contribution of Ola in the EV industry, it is not long before Ola electrifies the boating industry.

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