Is Ather’s Upcoming Scooter Named Diesel?
Is Ather’s Upcoming Scooter Named Diesel?

Is Ather’s Upcoming Scooter Named Diesel?

January 18, 2024
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Ather might be launching their Family Scooter at the end of 2024 and according to some reports, it can be called Diesel. EV companies used to emphasize on End-ICE age and this move by Ather is unimaginable. The prototype has been spotted undergoing road tests.

How can we say this with surety? Uno Minda, a key supplier for Ather Energy, has shared insights into Diesel’s distinctive features. Xabier Eskibel, Head of Marketing at Uno Minda, highlights the unique seat design, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive riding experience for the whole family. Uno Minda anticipates a strong market demand and is prepared to meet expectations.

Another news by Business Standard highlighted in their news that Ather’s scooter will be called Diesel. This was followed by Tarun Mehta’s X’s post with a GIF.


— Tarun Mehta (@tarunsmehta) January 18, 2024

However, not many people seem happy with this name and are asking questions like, “What’s the logic of a non-polluting vehicle brand naming its new range after one of the worst polluting fuels, and is strongly associated with pollution, the very antithesis of electric vehicles?”

Maybe this is used just as a code name but there is no surety as of now. 

Ather’s Family Scooter looks 

Since the scooter is built to cater to the needs of the Family, therefore, it is designed to have a broad flat seat, LED Lights, a touch screen console, alloy wheels, and a front disc brake.

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Upgraded 450 Series in the Pipeline

Ather Energy doesn’t stop there; an upgraded version of the 450 series is also in the works. Mehta suggests it will represent an evolution of the existing model, boasting premium features.

Is India ready for EVs?

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