Hop OXO Electric Bike Launched at E-motor Show Hyderabad
Hop OXO Electric Bike Launched at E-motor Show Hyderabad

Hop OXO Electric Bike Launched at E-motor Show Hyderabad

February 13, 2023

Hop OXO Electric Bike

Hop Electric a Jaipur-based electric bike company has recently showcased its electric bike “OXO” in the Hyderbad E-Motor show. This futuristic bike combines style, design, safety, custom choices, and much more. Come let’s decode all the aspects of this bike together.

Battery Pack & Range 

The Hop OXO motorcycle is powered by a 3.75 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides a stated and claimed range of 135 km to 150 km. It uses a BLDC hub motor that provides a maximum torque of 185 Nm and a peak power of 5.2 kW to 6.2 kW. The electric motorcycle’s top speed is 90 kilometers per hour. It takes roughly 4 seconds for it to accelerate from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour.

Color Variants 

Twilight Grey, Candy Red, Magnetic Blue, Electric Yellow, and True Black are the 5 color options available for the Hop Oxo. Further pro package features are available based on the government terms and conditions.

Technology and Performance 

Hop OXO is set to revolutionize the motorcycling industry with its innovative eFlow electric powertrain. This cutting-edge 72V system delivers a silky-smooth riding experience, with no noise, vibrations, or harmful emissions. In essence, Hop OXO provides riders with the feeling of floating on an air carpet, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and eco-friendliness. You can access your bike using the HOP Nuron application. Performance wise this electric bike can travel long-distance and higher terrain.


Telescopic front forks and double rear shock absorbers are a few features of the HOP OXO. The motorcycle has a regenerative braking system in addition to disc brakes with combi braking. Other features include a four-hour charge period, five color options, and a five-inch LCD display with vehicle telematics. It also has about ten experience centers in order to improve the service quality feature. It also has a 5.0-inch digital instrument cluster with 4G connectivity.


An upright telescopic fork at the front and a hydraulic spring-loaded shock absorber at the back are responsible for suspension. The Hop OXO has disc brakes with a combi-brake system and regenerative braking for safety and has a weight limit or maximum load capacity of 250 kg.


The bike is impaired with a smart charger of 850 W, which provides fast and efficient charging, with the ability to reach 80 percent charge in just 4 hours. This innovative battery and charging system ensures that HOP OXO riders have the power they need to tackle their daily adventures with confidence. The bike requires charging every three days.


Hop OXO prioritizes safety in its engineering and design. With a sturdy chassis and double disc combi braking system, the motorcycle provides riders with peace of mind. Additionally, OXO incorporates mobile-connected features such as anti-theft alerts and geo-fencing to ensure the motorcycle is secure at all times. The combination of these features makes OXO a reliable and robust choice for riders seeking a safe and dependable mode of transportation.


The Hop OXO electric motorcycle is priced from 1.60 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 1.80 lakhs (ex-showroom) after Telangana state’s subsidies.

Price Changes 

According to the company’s official website, “Due to changes in government policies and regulations regarding the FAME II subsidy, the incentives disbursement is delayed. We have decided to start OXO deliveries without FAME II incentives in order to meet our delivery commitments. The effective price for “OXO” and “OXO PRO PACKAGE” has changed and will take effect from the 20th of October 2022. All pre-booking orders can now opt for instant deliveries starting today without FAME II incentives.”

Future Plans

According to HOP Electric co-founder Nikhil Bhatia, the start-up plans to sell 50,000 electric motorcycles over the course of the next year. The electric motorcycle which was formally introduced in September of last year began shipping last month, he continued.


HOP Electric is enthusiastic and pleased about Formula E coming to India and think that HOP OXO will play a key role in boosting electric mobility in the nation. Their game-changing model initially participated at Rall-E Hyderabad and subsequently was followed by its launch at the Hyderabad E-Motor Show.

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