Honda Plans to Launch Hydrogen Vehicle Using FCEV Technology
Honda Plans to Launch Hydrogen Vehicle Using FCEV Technology

Honda Plans to Launch Hydrogen Vehicle Using FCEV Technology

February 14, 2023


Honda plans to launch a new hydrogen vehicle using FCEV technology
Offers long-range driving capability and zero-emissions performance
Exploring the FCEV technology in space technology

Honda aims to revolutionize the modern world with renewable energy sources addressing environmental challenges by reducing co2 emissions to achieve clean energy.

Honda has been developing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology for many years and plans to launch a new hydrogen vehicle using this technology. Honda has already launched the Honda Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, in U.S., Japan, and Europe markets.

History Of Honda

Honda has been working with other automakers to promote the development of hydrogen infrastructure to support the growth of FCEVs. In addition to developing its fuel cell technology, since 2013, Honda has been collaborating with General Motors to develop fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage technology.

Vice President Ichinose of Honda stated “Honda has long been active in the research and development of fuel cells, which use oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity. In the latter part of the 1990s, we started working on the application of fuel cells into passenger vehicles before other manufacturers and in 2002, we simultaneously introduced the world’s first FCEV in Japan and the United States. We introduced the FCX Clarity sedan in 2008. Then, we reduced the size of our fuel cells even more, and in 2016, we unveiled the Clarity Fuel Cell, the first FCEV to achieve 5-seat packing. We want to introduce a brand-new FCEV based on the CR-V 5-seater SUV the following year, in 2024.”

FCEV Technology

The FCEV technology uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity that powers an electric motor. The only byproduct of this process is water, making FCEVs a zero-emissions vehicle option and emitting only water vapor.

The hydrogen cycle has three phases: create, store/transport, and consume. It starts with renewable energy and using water electrolysis technology, electricity produced by using renewable energy sources is converted into green hydrogen. This hydrogen may be transferred by pipeline, land, and sea and stored as hydrogen. The fuel cell technology reduces CO2 emissions achieving clean energy.

One significant advantage of FCEV technology is its ability to provide long-range driving capability without requiring lengthy recharging times. Unlike battery electric vehicles, which require hours of charging time, FCEVs can be refueled in just a few minutes, similar to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Future Scope of Honda

The fuel cell technology of Honda offers a safe and effective energy source that can be used in vehicles, buses, and even home applications. The company determines that the fuel cell system can also be used in different areas, such as fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), commercial vehicles, stationary power stations, and construction equipment. The upcoming Honda hydrogen vehicle is expected to come in 2024 with improved performance, range, and affordability compared to its predecessors.

In collaboration with Isuzu Motors and Dongfeng Motor Group, Honda has started testing fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, plans to begin selling fuel cell systems to the outside world in the middle of the 2020s with an intent to sell 60,000 units by 2030 and several hundred thousand units annually by the second part of the 2030s. Also, Honda is investigating its hydrogen technologies in space technology, such as high differential pressure water electrolysis and fuel cell systems.

In conclusion, Honda plans to launch a new hydrogen vehicle using FCEV technology, which offers long-range driving capability and zero-emissions performance. Furthermore, Honda commits to using its expertise and resources to build a cleaner, greener future by utilizing FCEVs could be an essential part of a sustainable transportation future.

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