EV sales in India reached their first million units in 2022
EV sales in India reached their first million units in 2022

EV sales in India reached their first million units in 2022

January 2, 2023

The world is progressing with the growth of each sector with the help of technology. And the electric vehicle sector has finally recovered due to high demand from the public. And with EV sales surpassing a million units for the first time in 2022, that growth looks got even bigger.


Indian electric vehicle manufacturers are trying to keep up with the rapid changes occurring each second. The EV trade has been impressively growing in recent years, and it is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years.

The data revealed that it showed 210% growth in sales of EVs in 2022. And this is a massive increase from the sales of EVs in 2021. It is also revealed that the Indian Vahan Portal does not include data from the state of Telangana and sales data from the armed forces in the released data information. Hence, given this real-world situation, overall total sales of EVs across vehicle segments in India can cross a million for the first time in CY2022.

Each time, India strives for new heights in the EV sector. Many models were introduced to the market as competition in the field increased. Additionally, electric motorcycle brands are becoming increasingly relevant and popular among Indians. Records indicate that the two-wheeler and three-wheeler sectors contribute more to the growth of the electric vehicle sector, even though they have been described as close at hand in the industry. Since they are more affordable than electric passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles, they are the most significant contributors to EV sales.



In the EV industry, both the two-wheeler and three-wheeler sectors are more affordable and suitable for day-to-day needs, so their growth is more encouraging than that of other EVs. A comparison with the growth data of Indian electric vehicle segments shows impressive growth. This is due to a huge bulk of sales details for 2w and 3w in the last 2 years.

The Indian EV industry sales market data which consists of the details of the past ten years of growth in the industry clearly shows the difference between the sales growth of each sector regarding EVs.


The EV sector has done well over the past few years despite the challenges that have remained since its inception. Manufacturers are competing by introducing upgraded EV products with high-performance tires that are more efficient and more energy-efficient. While competition within the field is becoming fiercer, it is becoming better for the EV sector in general and the upcoming eco-friendly generation.


This growth in 2022 provides great hope for the upcoming brands and products from these EV manufacturers in 2023. As per the growth data, public interest in an eco-friendly and EV-friendly future gives more encouragement to the EV segment.

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