EV fashion festival teaser released by Mahindra
EV fashion festival teaser released by Mahindra

EV fashion festival teaser released by Mahindra

February 2, 2023

Mahindra is ready to unveil new electric cars at the fashion festival. The teaser for Mahindra’s new electric vehicles was released.


The new electric vehicle will soon be launched on the Indian market by Mahindra, the country’s leading SUV maker. His information was provided by the company on social media. Mahindra said in the news that it would announce when the company will unveil its new electric vehicle.

Mahindra will soon introduce its futuristic electric vehicle to the Indian market for the first time. The company announced this on social media. These vehicles were first unveiled by the British company at Mahindra Advanced Design Europe. But now the company plans to bring them from the UK to India.

The company posted a teaser on social media. It is also written that the company will unveil its future electric vehicle at the Mahindra EV Fashion Festival in Hyderabad on February 10, 2023. They are taken home at big events. Mahindra builds the electric car of the future in the UK. According to the information, the company builds them on its Inglo platform. Many of the world’s leading automakers are using this platform for their future vehicles. This includes companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, and Skoda.


The future begins now. Stay tuned for the grand homecoming of our born electric SUVs at the Mahindra EV Fashion Festival in Hyderabad on 10th February 2023. #BE #Mahindra #BornElectricVision pic.twitter.com/r49zXGdOKy

— Mahindra Born Electric (@born_electric) February 2, 2023



According to some reports, the company may unveil electric vehicles codenamed XUV.E8, XUV.E9, BE.5, BE.7, and BE.9 at an event in Hyderabad. Of these, the XUV.E8 can be brought in as an electric version of the XUV700.

The first electric SUV was launched by Mahindra on the Indian market. Shortly before that, the company launched its  XUV400 Electric. The company has him booked for this from 26th January and in a very short time he has received over 10,000 bookings. The company may start shipping its first electric SUV in March.

Vehicles in the electric segment are steadily increasing in India. Many big companies have already launched electric vehicles, and companies like Maruti are preparing to enter the electric segment in the future. Many companies will be able to launch new products after the announcement to make electric cars cheaper in the government’s proposed budget.



Watch the video to learn more about Mahindra’s new electric cars



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