EV Doctor is here..!! To solve the EV Ownership issues
EV Doctor is here..!! To solve the EV Ownership issues

EV Doctor is here..!! To solve the EV Ownership issues

November 30, 2022

Globally, Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption is becoming inevitable. There is no more denying that the future of mobility is going to be electric. The EV revolution has taken the world by storm, with the global market projected to grow by 24.3% in less than a decade. The transition to electric mobility has emerged as one of the promising strategies to decarbonize global mobility. 

Millions of Electric vehicles are added to India annually most of them are two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The government has undertaken multiple initiatives to promote the manufacturing and adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Such schemes are affecting the growth of electric vehicles in a quite positive manner. 

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) on a global scale is inevitable. It is now beyond doubt that electric vehicles are the way of the future for transportation. The EV revolution has swept the globe, and in less than ten years, the global market is expected to rise by 24.3%. One of the most effective methods to decarbonize global transportation is the switch to electric vehicles.

India is adding millions of electric vehicles every year, the majority of them are two- and three-wheelers. The government has launched numerous programs to encourage the creation and use of electric vehicles throughout the nation. Such plans are having a very good impact on the expansion of electric vehicles. 

Even after such credible support and raising awareness, electric vehicles are too far from the level of mass adoption. The critical reason is the absence of an overall ecosystem to support electric vehicles (EVs). From supply chain to user satisfaction, all aspects are converging gradually to accommodate the scale in a reliable and faster manner.

In order to work efficiently and last longer, EVs require maintenance too. EV battery packs do slowly degrade over time, losing capacity and driving range. Battery being the heart and soul of an EV deserves specific attention. Battery being the most crucial part of EVs, incur at least 50% of the overall cost. While petrol engines generally don’t give trouble often, the battery, however, needs utmost care and maintenance. Servicing, repairing, and replacing them could lead to a 50% rise in the total cost of operation.

Earlier the servicing was done through a lot of unclassified and vague methods, which basically involved fitting connectors, checking voltage, and cleaning off the surfaces. After meeting more than 50 EV distributors, Shubham Mishra (Founder of E-Vega Mobility Labs) identified this issue of mishandling EVs. Such mishandling gradually leads to the low on-road performance of vehicles, high cost of ownership for users, and unexpected battery hazards.

E-Vega Mobility Labs, named after the Sanskrit word Vega i.e Velocity, originated from Ahmedabad, India by EV advocates Shubham Mishra, (M.Tech in Energy Infrastructure), Ajay Vashisht, (Ex-DRDO Engineer) and Deepak Varma (MS in Aerospace) with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective to make EVs accessible everywhere.

E-Vega has built a one-of-a-kind solution named EV Doctor, for easy and advanced Electric Vehicle diagnostics leaving no stone unturned for reliable support to users resulting in a seamless EV transition.

“Yes, the batteries in electric vehicles are mishandled, catching fire, and we became aware of this problem a year earlier. We spoke with a variety of electric vehicle stakeholders who checked battery voltages with inexpensive multimeters and measured thermal temperatures with their bare hands. I remember the incident when a helpless EV Distributor was checking the hotness of the battery enclosure for identifying battery health.

The solution we built, provides a straightforward and clever solution for a quick checkup of any battery. It addresses the problem of appropriate diagnosis of lithium chemistry batteries. IoT-enabled hardware and cloud-based computations assist EV stakeholders with easy and quick diagnostics. The product uses physics-based state-space models and statistical approaches for EV battery diagnostics. It provides the optimal method for diagnosing the battery and charger which helps the key EV stakeholder with appropriate servicing, efficient troubleshooting, and reliable lifecycle management. Such measures help in gaining constructive user trust and mitigating the potential risks involved. To facilitate a more seamless EV transition, we are steadfast in our purpose “the CEO of E-Vega Mobility Labs, Shubham Mishra, remarked.

According to the company, they have been working on battery technology for the last two years and achieved substantial growth in terms of credibility. They have also confirmed the launch of a proper user-friendly device to accurately mitigate any type of risks involved for EV owners. 

On a mission to enable seamless EV transition, E-Vega is already doing beta trials with credible E-2W and E-4 W OEMs. Additionally, they have commenced working with fleet operators also for hassle-free & affordable fleet management. It aims to become a boon for Dealers, Fleet Operators, Service centers, and eventually manufacturers.

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