Euler Motors; a Growing name in E3W Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing
Euler Motors; a Growing name in E3W Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing

Euler Motors; a Growing name in E3W Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing

December 22, 2022

Euler Motors is a Delhi-based that focuses explicitly on manufacturing Electric three-wheeler Commercial Vehicles used to transport goods into different cities. The company was very young being founded in 2018 by an entrepreneur Saurav Kumar. Euler Motors is the winner of the Appolo awards 2022 and also the winner of Businessworld’s Auto World 40 Under 40 Winners felicitated by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways. This tech start-up is inspired by the accomplishments of several EV companies globally, especially Tesla.

The vision of the company

Euler Motor’s vision is no different than any upcoming EV manufacturing company, it aspires to bring sustainability to transport. Euler wants to lead the electric vehicle transformation in India and take the top spot in electric commercial vehicle manufacturing. The primary goal of Euler Motors is to address last-mile logistics for e-commerce and third-party logistics players. Euler is providing the full “mobility as a service” stack rather than simply one stage of a long value chain in order to accelerate broad market adoption.

The Founder; Saurav Kumar

This young man from Purnia earned a scholarship to study abroad and acquired a high-paying job but returned to the country to contribute to his nation. He began his entrepreneurial career at Cube26. A sustainable e-mobility company model with a multifaceted strategy is the millennial’s dream. With the help of $2.2 million in funding, he is currently developing the EV firm Euler Motors.

Saurav Kumar – Founder and CEO – Euler Motors

The Cube26 was established in 2012, it was a tech start-up that enhanced user experience across several devices and platforms. It was recently bought last year by Paytm. It was no surprise to Saurav that it wasn’t hard to find investors, he had easily convinced Flipkart and Tiger Global to fund his venture. Cube26 paved a train of thought which led Saurav into e-mobility, which we all today know as Euler Motors.

Euler Motors is making commercial vehicles as the company wants to avoid the risks that come with passenger vehicles.

Euler Motors has been collaborating with companies like BigBasket, Ecom Express, Udaan, Milk Basket, and BlueDart in Delhi NCR. Euler Motors has successfully provided these businesses with 170-e-CVs at a price of  Rs.38,000 per month to ensure zero-emission last-mile connectivity.

Products- Eulers’ High Load EV


The company calls this India’s most powerful Commercial EV.

It has a load capacity of 688kg.
It has a battery capacity of 12kwh
It provides you with a fast charge, i.e. 50kms in 15 minutes.


The vehicle provides a range of 170km.
The engine exerts a torque of 88.5 Nm.
This commercial EV comes with 30% more tire width.


The company says; “This vehicle is designed today for the future”

Projector headlamps
Wide windscreen
300mm Ground clearance


“The future is safe with Euler” is another slogan the company strongly believes in.

Liquid Cooled Battery
Vehicle Tracking System
Safe Cabin

Technology designed by Euler Motors

It was in 2018 that Saurav Kumar set up Euler Motors named after a renowned Mathematician, Leonard Euler. He set this company up to build electric three-wheelers to tackle the never-ending problem of pollution in Indian cities.

The initial prototype of the vehicle was based on lead acid batteries as the source of power which then turned into a better source when Saurav and his team came up with their lithium-ion batteries. Saurav Kumar was very keen to understand the working of EV batteries. He first ordered a Tesla battery from the US and China.

Saurav first went to China to request Samsung for the cells and also found a power bank in Noida to find the right battery pack for the Euler’s first commercial vehicle. It took eight long months to decide his come up with the first battery pack.

The Charging Network of the Euler Motors

Euler Motors believes that charging infrastructure is a neglected area in the EV Mobility space in India, therefore Euler’s High Load EV comes with its own charging ecosystem. Euler Motors believes in keeping the business inflow and on the move.

The charging ecosystem involves :

Home- charging: Onboard Charger for a hassle-free plug and charge experience.

Fast Charger: Flash27 Fast Charger gives you a 50 km range in 15 minutes.

Charging Hubs: 500+ charging points across Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Charge on Wheels: Roadside charging and breakdown assistance.

Vehicle Intelligence: Smart Commercial E-vehicle

Euler’s EVs have an in-built Vehicle Intelligence, it is called the Euler Shepherd. It is a mobile application and a web platform that provides real-time information and data about your fleet. This application helps the driver find the nearest charging station, plan a trip as well as book a charging spot ahead of time. The Euler Shepherd also is an excellent vehicle manager; it estimates the trip range, manages the trip history, and indicates the battery temperature. The application also tracks the updates and informs the driver the real-time breakdown alerts, crash warnings, and battery pre-heating or cooling alerts.

Future plans of the company

At the same time whilst the company is building electric vehicles, they are also setting up a Research and Development facility in Okhla which will focus on working on the battery range. Therefore, the three main industries where Euler Motors is trying to create a sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem are EV production, car subscription services, and investing in range-extension R&D.

In the near future, the start-up will look forward to moving into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The company will eventually provide an EV fleet directly to other businesses, hoping to expand the e-mobility business in the industry.

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