Electric Cars Sales Report – January 2023
Electric Cars Sales Report – January 2023

Electric Cars Sales Report – January 2023

February 10, 2023

We saw most of the ev penetration in India by electric two-wheelers. But now, it’s time for electric four-wheelers. With the launch of electric cars by tata motors in various segments and in various price segments, the Ev car market is seeing a major incline in the sales graph. As we all know most of the market share is occupied by tata passenger vehicles pvt. Ltd by the super sales of their compact SUV Nexon ev. With the launch of luxury electric cars from BYD, BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes, ev cars market is going to witness huge returns in the coming days. There used to be a myth among the people that these plug-and-run vehicles are not yet proven and the technology is very new, But tata played an important role in taking ev cars to the public and letting them get used to them.

As electric vehicles are very vast and no one could stop their growth, a lot many consumers are interested to purchase four-wheeled electric vehicles. In the month of January, the sales of electric vehicles have dropped to 1.6%, Meanwhile, the EV sales have increased i.e. doubled earlier times in the month of January 2023. Increased customers have become an indicating factor for the growth of EVs in the EV Industry. Footfalls in the Auto expo 2023 are an evidencing /Indicating factor for the growth of the popularity of electric vehicles.

Let’s have a brief look at the latest electric four-wheeler sales data and sales within the month of December itself.


The electric vehicle (EV) market has reduced sales by 11% approximately when compared to the previous month. Notwithstanding the decline, the EV market confidence with the year sales increased by 10% when compared with sales of January 2022.


One of the companies that are leading in the market of electric vehicles is Tata motors which has been reckoned/ considered a total of 73% of total EV car registrations in the month of January. Whereas EV registrations in the month of December varied up to 77%.

Tata motors are one of the dominant and leading one in this competitive EV market. Tata motors are committed to providing high-quality and feasible vehicles. Despite the fact that both Tata motors and MG motors saw a decline in the previous/contemporary months. The overall trend for sales in the EV market has remained positive. This is a big drawback for startup companies whereas leading brands like Tata motors do not have any impact due to a reduction in sales and expect to increase in sales in near future.

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