Electric Bikes can lead to shared Micro Mobility in India
Electric Bikes can lead to shared Micro Mobility in India

Electric Bikes can lead to shared Micro Mobility in India

December 10, 2022

Cars get stuck in traffic quickly but you can swirl your bike into the little alley and get to the destination easily also bikes are more energetic because you can feel the wind across your face and smell the road. This is why most people prefer bikes.

It is also why I think that Electric bikes have the potential to bring a rEVolution because they are less expensive than cars and have low charging time in most cases.

This figure makes more sense when we see the E2W sales in November, which account for 63.50% of the overall EV sales.

Micro Mobility Companies in India

#1. Ola

Ola is a game-changer in the electric vehicle segment. With their recent launch of Ola S1 Air. It seems they are working on bringing mobility on a large scale. So we can hope that they will soon be launching their electric vehicle shared mobility services soon.

#2 Rapido

Rapido founded in 2015, is an Indian company that works as a Bike-taxi ride-hailing company. However, the company in May 2022 decided to include 25% of electric vehicles in its two-wheeler fleet over 3 years. Rapido also agreed with TVS to undertake the EV venture at a large scale.

 #3 Vogo

Vogo is something different then from the old ride-hailing company, it works as a bike or scooter rental platform where you can book a Pure EV eTrance for yourself and it starts at Rs. 2/km. There is no requirement to owing a helmet and license. It is operational in Bengaluru. You can book their services by downloading the VOGO application on your mobile phone.

#4 Bounce

Bounce is also working on the same model as Vogo however, the starting fare set by the company includes Rs. 5/km and Rs. 0.5/min additionally you’ll get a helmet for the ride. They are also operating in Bengaluru. You can download their application for a better understanding of the product.

#5 MetroRide

MetroRide story started in 2019 and today they help everyday commuters to reach high-frequency places such as metro stations, colleges, and business parks, within a 5-kilometer range. They are providing a solution to urban mobility challenges.

#6 Zypp

Zypp is a bike-sharing company that helps you to own an electric vehicle for a day at just Rs. 100. Apart from that, they are also providing last-mile delivery to clients so that they can enjoy zero-carbon mobility. The company’s program called “Rent to Own” goal is to increase a Zypp rider’s level of independence so that they can save money on fuel and earn more money.

#7 Yulu

Yulu is a Bangalore-based company that offers E2W mobility to people under three vehicle models i.e., Yulu Miracel, Yulu Move, and Yulu Dex respectively. Yulu has been launched in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Yulu provides an additional feature where you can pause your trip and carry important business this comes with added charges. Customers will have the option of subscribing on a monthly basis, which allows them to reduce the cost of their daily trips.

The other future mobility companies in this venture can be Mopedo(A Hyderabad-based company), Baxi(Bike+Taxi, a Gurugram-based company), and Uber.

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