Ather Energy introduces AtherStack update for 450X Gen2 owners
Ather Energy introduces AtherStack update for 450X Gen2 owners

Ather Energy introduces AtherStack update for 450X Gen2 owners

January 23, 2023


AtherStack5.0 has been rolled out to all Gen3 owners, with 80 formerly upgraded. After rolling out a software update for possessors of its 450X Gen3 electric scooter, Bangalore-based EV manufacturer Ather Energy has announced that the new update will also be available for older generation 450X models starting this coming week. Author and CEO Tarun Mehta has announced on Twitter that the refreshed AtherStack5.0 update will be rolling out to 450X Gen2 users by the end of the coming week.

AtherStack is the software that runs Ather’s electric scooters, analogous to his MoveOS for OLA electric scooters. The software update was first rolled out on January 7 this time. According to the EV manufacturer, nearly 80 percent of owners of 450X Gen3 electric scooters have streamlined the software. As stated by Tarun Mehta,

AtherStack 5.0 has been rolled out to ALL Gen3 users and 80 have already upgraded. GEN2 will begin adding content to the update this week. We aim to have 100 items by the end of the week. The software update was first released on January 7th of this year. In total, 80 of the 450X Gen3 electric scooter owners have streamlined their software, according to the electric vehicle manufacturer. According to Tarun Mehta, possessors will receive the update and as promised, 100 pieces of content will be available until next week. The AtherStack5.0 software update adds numerous upgraded features to the 450 electric scooters.

Ather 450X electric scooter

The biggest change Ather made was its AutoHold feature. This prevents the scooter from rolling down the pitch without the rider having to decelerate all the time. The experience is completely automated, immediate, and harmonious in all driving conditions. One of Ather Energy’s main challengers, Ola Electric, has also introduced an analogous feature in its latest MoveOS 3.0 update.

Ather also introduced a brand-new stoner interface. Both power consumption and consumption in different modes are now displayed. The home screen has been redesigned, allowing druggies to set up their lift with options similar to Bluetooth connectivity and navigation before starting the machine. With the newly released update, you can now swipe to use features rather than tapping the screen.

After the latest update, Ather 450X customers will also have access to vector charts, making them more accessible for navigation purposes. Ather is the only scooter in the world that offers in-auto navigation powered by Google Charts. It assists motorists with live business and navigation updates. Drive can also change the perspective of the chart by rotating the layout.

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