Ather Electric Scooter Records 10k Production – Sales of 12k Units in Jan 2023
Ather Electric Scooter Records 10k Production – Sales of 12k Units in Jan 2023

Ather Electric Scooter Records 10k Production – Sales of 12k Units in Jan 2023

February 1, 2023

The rapid growth and success of Ather Energy surpassed 12,000 units sold in January 2023. Rapid growth and success of Ather Scooters – its 1,00,000th scooter (True Red Ather 450X) factory shipped in January 2023.


Ather Scooter creates a more sustainable future through innovative and intelligent products. Since its inception, Athletic Energy has made great strides in terms of production and innovation. And now, in January 2023, it is announcing a production milestone of 100,000 units. The rollout unit is the True Red Ather 450X, a new color option first revealed in early January 2023. And recently it showed factory production staff celebrating the occasion.

A new year of new beginnings heralds a new phase in Ather’s journey. The lakh unit production schedule is as follows: It took Ather Energy 35 months to complete the production of its first 10,000 units. In the next five months, it was able to reach the 20,000 units production mark. 5 months to reach 30,000 units.




Then there was the speed factor to keep up with demand. It took three months to build the next 10,000, reaching production of 40,000. It took another two months to reach 50,000 units. So this was its fastest production timeline of 10,000 units. That was August 30, 2022. Less than six months later, Ather Energy built another 50,000 units. It was a remarkable trip.


In January 2023, sales of Ather electric scooters surpassed 12,000 units. This was 330% year-over-year growth and 32%onth-over-month growth. Ather Energy’s production schedule shows a steady increase in production from 35 months to the first 10,000 units. This equates to hundreds of sales per month when the Ather scooter was first launched. With increasing demand, the production process has been expanded for efficient and fast production. This is reflected in short production times of 5 months for 20,000 and 30,000 units each.


By August 2022, in just two months, the company had produced 10,000 and reached 50,000. Ather Energy was able to maintain momentum and manufacture another 50,000 units within six months. This significant increase in production is due to the company’s ability to quickly adapt and optimize its production processes to meet the growing demand for electric scooters. To keep up with that, Ather opened its second manufacturing plant in November 2022.




December 2022 sales reached 9,187 units, an increase of 1,878 units year-on-year, a 27% month-on-month improvement. By comparison, sales through the first quarter of 2022 (January, February, March) were down to 7,458 units. Ather Energy will become one of the top-selling electric vehicle manufacturers by the end of 2022, with sales tripling from 17,272 in 2021 to 59,123. Sales improved gradually throughout the year, reaching 24,634 units in the fourth quarter of 2022 and 40,868 units in the second half of 2022. It’s easy to see why Ather Energy’s production has increased significantly in recent months.



Watch the video to learn more about Ather Energy EV





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