Are Electric Vehicles Safe In A Crash? Safety Tips
Are Electric Vehicles Safe In A Crash? Safety Tips

Are Electric Vehicles Safe In A Crash? Safety Tips

November 18, 2022

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their favorable impact on the environment and reduction of carbon emissions. Many people acquire them for this reason, but are electric vehicles safe on the road? Can you consider an electric vehicle safer than a usual car in case of an accident?

Personal injury law firm Wattel & York states that you can suffer extensive injuries in the event of a car accident, regardless of the type of car you are driving. The safety concern regarding electric cars is addressed by manufacturers worldwide. 

Electric cars do not have internal combustion engines (which have the risk of exploding), they have lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery has high energy density and contains a flammable liquid electrolyte. While these batteries are an ideal power source for electric cars, they have a high risk of fire and explosion. 

Are Electric Cars at Disadvantage in a Car Crash?

The main concerns regarding electric cars are the dangers they pose when involved in a car crash. Some medical providers express their concerns about the risk of being electrocuted. The electrical system of an electric car requires permanent maintenance to work correctly. 

A potentially damaged electrical system increases the chances of electrocution in a car crash. Catching fire is another disadvantage that manufacturers are trying to mediate. Battery explosions and fire can lead to fatalities.

Electric cars are quiet, making it difficult for pedestrians and bicyclists to notice them promptly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires all-electric vehicles to have a warning sound when traveling under 20 miles per hour to decrease the chances of unfortunate accidents. 

Safety Improvements for Electric Cars

Despite the fact that lithium-ion batteries raise a few concerns, some features make electric cars seem safer. Their structure is heavier due to the strengthened frame. Its purpose is to protect the batteries and passengers in a side-impact accident. 

Electric cars are equipped with the latest modern technologies, including intelligent speed adjustment, detection of objects, and warning against the loss of concentration. 

Regarding the fire and explosion hazards imposed by lithium-ion batteries, manufacturers are continuously working towards new technologies that can improve your electric car’s safety. For example, to avoid a situation where the batteries explode, manufacturers have been experimenting with technologies that automatically disconnect batteries in the event an accident occurs. 

Electric cars quickly became a breakthrough in the world. Their green technology and advanced properties are promising. While they might have some improvements left to make, electric cars have the potential to replace their older models.

Safety Tips for Electric Cars Owners

Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic, no matter what type of car you are driving. If you are the owner of an electric car involved in a car crash, it is essential to maintain your composure and act according to your situation. 

U.S Fire Administration recommends calling the authorities and informing them that your vehicle is electric. Before shutting off the engine and removing the ignition key, roll down the windows. Stay as far as possible from the vehicle, and do not touch the engine compartment or any of its components. 

Contact a personal injury attorney to learn what damages you can be compensated for in an electric car accident claim.

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