Altigreen Launches Fast Charging neEV Tez at ₹3.55 lakh 
Altigreen Launches Fast Charging neEV Tez at ₹3.55 lakh 

Altigreen Launches Fast Charging neEV Tez at ₹3.55 lakh 

January 11, 2023

Altigreen neEV Tez Three-wheeled cargo EV

In partnership with Exponent Energy, commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Altigreen has introduced a new version of their three-wheeled cargo EV, the neEV Tez, with a starting price of Rs. 3,55,000.

Rapid Charging for Electric Vehicles 

The partnership between Altigreen and Exponent Energy to make rapid charging for electric vehicles a reality on Indian roads was first announced in August 2022. The first product to result from this alliance is the new electric cargo vehicle, neEV Tez.

Exponent Energy, which has customized the battery for Altigreen’s latest variant, says that the neEV Tez can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in 15 minutes at Exponent’s e-pump charging network, making it the world’s fastest-charging electric vehicle.


The new variant has an 8.19 kWh e-pack and an Exponent proprietary battery built using standard LFP cell chemistry, a
It also has a 98 KM ARAI Certified range and an 85 km city drive range. A 5-year or 1 lakh km guarantee and a 5-year or 1.55 lakh km battery warranty are also included with the car.

Due to its extended range and quick charging times, the neEV Tez will enable maximum vehicle utilization, leading to more trips per charge and higher earning potential. The range and extended charge times have always been identified as the primary causes of this worry. The revolutionary neEV Tez finally provides a fresh and reliable alternative with its 15-minute full-charge capabilities.

Altigreen – Exponent Energy Roadmap

The newest type will be produced by Altigreen at its Malur factory, which can produce 55,000 units annually. The commercial EV manufacturer operates in 12 cities and plans to deploy 2,000 neEV Tez vehicles in Bengaluru as part of the first phase of commercialization.

Exponent Energy will continue to concentrate on producing additional batteries for both passenger and cargo commercial vehicles, including three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. In Bengaluru, it will also set up 100 e-pumps and is already in the process of doing so.

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