A new era of mobility awaits with OLA Electrics
A new era of mobility awaits with OLA Electrics

A new era of mobility awaits with OLA Electrics

December 30, 2022


Ola Electric is set to bring a revolutionary era of mobility. Company executives announced plans to expand their electric motorbike and electric car lines. Ola Electric has found a place in the EV industry, from the creation of a start-up to the creation of a global brand on 3 continents. Ola has emerged as India’s largest mobility hub and one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world.

Following the launch of the brand-new Ola S1 Air model, Ola announced its upcoming mobility revolution. OLA is ready to welcome the largest segment of buyers into its EV.

Ola proudly announced its electric scooter sales had reached almost 1.50,000 in 2022. Ola has planned for the future of its electric vehicle industry by offering multiple products in a variety of segments. They planned to engage with other world markets by launching a mass scooter, a mass motorcycle, and several top-of-the-range motorcycles (sports, cruisers, ADVs, and road bikes). Ola said they are working on six brand-new products for the Indian EV market.

As they celebrate their increased sales, they say that everything is planned to increase in 2023. They have a clear vision of the future, meaning that they offer multiple products, launches, and so forth.


Bhavish Aggarwal believes in their future, though it is not entirely feasible in developing markets such as India. They have stated their Electric Mission by Ola is ready to replace all 2W with e-2W by 2025 and all 4W with e-4W by 2030. As part of the ACC PLI program, the Indian Government has authorized Ola to manufacture batteries with a capacity of up to 20 GWh. This is Ola’s first step towards providing EVs for the masses. With locally designed and developed batteries, the price of batteries will drop and the overall cost of an EV will be reduced.


Ola’s current product lineup includes the S1, S1, and S1 Pro electric scooters. Customer reviews indicate that Ola products have proven to be better than other EVs. It is the most suitable product for everyday life with the functionality it contains. Ola’s prospects indicate that its customer base is likely to grow.


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