Xiaomi Modena Platform: What we know so far
Xiaomi Modena Platform: What we know so far

Xiaomi Modena Platform: What we know so far

June 10, 2024
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Are you interested in the future of electric vehicles? What is so revolutionary about this classy electric saloon? The tech giant Xiaomi, well-known for its devices and smartphones, is now moving into the car space. Xiaomi has taken a bold step forward with the Modena and launched its first electric vehicle (EV), going up against industry titans like Tesla and Porsche. A car that combines excellent performance, stylish design, and intelligent connectivity has been created by Xiaomi. Come along as we examine Xiaomi’s thrilling and ambitious venture into electric mobility.

A New Era in Electric Mobility: The Modena by Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s Modena, the company’s inaugural electric vehicle, is set to make its debut in 2024. With the main development phase completed, the Modena is now undergoing rigorous winter tests in China. Impressively, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is personally involved in these tests, highlighting the company’s dedication to this groundbreaking project.

The Modena’s exterior is a captivating blend of sportiness and elegance, drawing inspiration from iconic automotive brands like McLaren, Porsche, Tesla, and Aston Martin. The front fascia features a bold, aggressive stance with sharp lines and sculpted curves reminiscent of the McLaren F1. In contrast, the rear end reflects the sleek sophistication of Tesla’s Model S and Aston Martin’s Rapide.

Powered by a dual-motor electric powertrain, the Modena delivers power ranging from 220 to 495 kW, depending on the model variant. This results in a top speed of 210 km/h for the base model and an electrifying 265 km/h for the most powerful version. The Modena operates on Xiaomi’s proprietary HyperOS, a custom software platform designed to optimize EV performance while seamlessly integrating with Xiaomi’s ecosystem of smart devices. As we await its official release, the Modena promises to be a formidable contender in the electric vehicle market, showcasing Xiaomi’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

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In September 2021, Xiaomi, one of the most renowned tech brands, ventured into the automobile industry, committing an initial investment of 10 billion RMB (1.47 billion USD). At an investor conference that same year, Xiaomi’s founder and CEO, Lei Jun, announced plans to begin mass production in the first half of 2024. By July 2022, the first Xiaomi prototype, based on the BYD Han EV, was spotted on Chinese roads undergoing intelligent driving system tests. Lei Jun later revealed Xiaomi’s ambitious target of shipping 10 million vehicles annually.

In January, Xiaomi’s first road-ready vehicle spotted in China. This electric Sedan, codenamed ‘Modena’, features an aerodynamic design with a long bonnet, sloped roofline, and retractable door handles. A LiDAR sensor is also visible on the roof. The Xiaomi Modena will come in three versions: two equipped with BYD’s blade batteries (LFP) and a third featuring CATL’s Qilin battery with an 800 V platform, capable of charging from 0% to 80% in just 15 minutes. All versions will include the yet-to-be-mass produced Qualcomm 8295 chip. According to Chinese media, the Modena is expected to be priced between 260,000 and 350,000 RMB (38,350-51,650 USD).

Xiaomi has carefully crafted three distinct models of Modena to meet diverse preferences and driving needs. The base model, Xiaomi SU7, delivers impressive performance. For those desiring more power and luxury, the Xiaomi SU7 Pro enhances the driving experiences with a refined interior and an upgraded powertrain. The pinnacle of the Modena line up, the Xiaomi SU7 Max offers the ultimate in performance and technological sophistication.

Recently, two Xiaomi Modena vehicles were spotted in China undergoing winter tests, seemingly in Inner Mongolia, the coldest region in the country. Many automakers test their vehicles there, and Xiaomi is no exception. The testing likely focuses on the vehicle’s performance and range in extreme cold. One vehicle may be equipped with BYD’s blade battery, while the other possibly features CATL’s Qilin battery.

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Xiaomi’s Modena Winter Test in China

Additionally, a Chinese automotive blogger has claimed that Lei Jun, a known car enthusiast, is personally involved in the Modena’s winter tests. While this information remains unverified, it underscores Xiaomi’s diligent efforts in developing its first vehicle. With the Modena set to launch in the first half of 2024, there is ample time to finalise the product. Furthermore, Xiaomi is already developing its second vehicle, the Lemans, which is expected to hit the market in 2025. Time will tell if Xiaomi can significantly impact the global automotive landscape, driven by its dedication to innovation, technological expertise, and design excellence. Stay tuned for more updates on Xiaomi Auto as they emerge.

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