VinFast Klara S electric scooter secures a patent in India
VinFast Klara S electric scooter secures a patent in India

VinFast Klara S electric scooter secures a patent in India

February 27, 2024
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Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast, known for its premium electric cars since its establishment in 2017, made significant strides in expanding its presence in India. About 50 days ago, the company inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu government. This milestone was swiftly followed by a groundbreaking ceremony on February 25, 2024, marking the commencement of construction for a substantial 400-acre electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. Beyond its prominence in electric cars, VinFast also offers a range of electric scooters in its home market, including the Klara S, for which the company has recently secured a design patent in India.

Here are some key details of VinFast Klara S electric scooter:


The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter seamlessly blends traditional and futuristic design elements, creating an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance that resonates with a diverse audience. Its simplicity in part design enhances its universal appeal, making it an attractive option for riders seeking a straightforward yet stylish electric scooter.

Notably, the Vinfast Klara S deviates from the conventional design of some Vinfast electric scooters, featuring a straightforward seat that remains unflexed towards the front. The seat, adorned with leather-like materials and a slight dent for added rider comfort, adds a touch of sophistication to its simplicity. Complemented by a distinctive side profile that exudes a cutting-edge and upmarket vibe, the Klara S reveals an aggressive stance when viewed from the side. Bright LED lighting, including boomerang-shaped blinkers, further amplifies its assertive aesthetic, while the upscale color scheme elevates the overall appearance of the Vinfast Klara S.


194 km

Top Speed
78 km/h

Battery Type

3.5 kWh


Max Power
3000 W

Nominal Power 

Peak Power 


The Vinfast Klara electric scooter stands out with its IP67 waterproof design, ensuring reliability even when submerged. Smart Care recommendations emphasize keeping the battery above 20% for optimal lifespan, with a 6-hour full recharge time. Additionally, the Klara S model comes with a commendable 3-year warranty, showcasing Vinfast’s commitment to customer service without any kilometer restriction.


The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter comes in a variety of high-end colors that give it a highly elegant and cutting-edge appearance. Additionally, it enables customers to modify their electric scooters according to their tastes. The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter comes in 6 different color options, and their names are:

Pearl White
Blue violet
Bright red
Rough black


The Vinfast Klara S delivers a distinctive smart connection feature that seamlessly links your smartphone to the electric scooter, providing access to crucial information. The Vinfast E-scooter application employs Esim technology, enabling the display of error diagnostics, distance and cruise statistics, GPS, and safe zone settings. Complementing these features, the Klara S model incorporates various safety elements, such as a vehicle tracker and an anti-theft on/off control system. These attributes collectively ensure a rider’s journey is not only straightforward and comfortable but also secure. 


The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter costs 35.000.000 VND in the Vietnamese market, which also includes 1 charger. One of the few manufacturers that offers electric scooter batteries for rent or permanent purchase is Vinfast.

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