Upcoming Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV – All that you need to know
Upcoming Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV – All that you need to know

Upcoming Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV – All that you need to know

March 21, 2024
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Mahindra took the wraps off the BE.05 SUV concept, a significant leap forward in their electric vehicle endeavor last year in August.  Unveiling on Independence Day alongside other BE SUVs, the BE.05 has been turning heads since it was spotted testing on Indian roads earlier this year. The recently released production-ready images offer a sneak peek into the SUV’s advanced features and technology.

In this article we’ll delve into its innovative design, cutting-edge features, and the technology driving its electric performance, providing a glimpse into what sets this electric SUV apart in the dynamic landscape of electric vehicles. So, here we go starting with the design and looks first:


The BE.05, teased by the company, offers a captivating birds-eye view complimented by a prominent glass roof at its center, providing a unique perspective. The wraparound windshield enhances the panoramic allure of the design. Adding to its visual appeal, the sculpted bonnet contributes to the SUV’s aesthetic charm. Moving towards the rear, a striking roof-mounted split spoiler takes prominence, and the tailgate, featuring a mesmerizing LED lightbar, completes the fantastic visual ensemble of the BE.05.


Rajesh Jejurikar, executive director of Auto & Farm Sectors at the Mahindra Group, offered a glimpse of the BE.05’s interior during a test drive in Chennai. While the initial concept showcased a wraparound effect for the driver’s seat and twin connected infotainment screens, the pre-production test mule featured a temporary configuration with a single large digital screen behind the steering wheel and a conventional round steering wheel. Despite these adjustments, elements like the wraparound console and concealed AC vents were retained. The temporary changes hint at potential alterations in the final production model, raising anticipation for the refined interior of the BE.05. Further insights into the final design and features are eagerly awaited as development progresses.


In a prior sighting of the BE.05, the exterior design for the production model appeared to have undergone a subtle refinement compared to the concept. Notably, the wheel arches exhibited a less pronounced flare, opting for traditional wing mirrors instead of cameras. The conventional bonnet replaced the heavily sculpted one with an air duct seen in the concept. Despite these adjustments, the production model maintained the aggressive front fascia, featuring striking C-shaped LED daytime running lamps, ensuring a distinctive and visually captivating presence. 



INGLO EV skateboard

Battery Sizes
60-80 kWh

Fast Charging Capacity
Up to 175 kW

Fast Charging Time
80% charge in less than 30 minutes (depending on the model)

WLTP Driving Range
Approximately 435 km to 450 km

Drive Configurations
Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (varies based on the model)



Upon its launch, the BE.05 is anticipated to fall within the Rs 25-30 lakh price bracket. Positioned in this segment, the SUV will enter direct competition with counterparts such as the Tata Curvv EV and the Hyundai Creta EV. Furthermore, it will face competition from other upcoming electric SUVs as the market continues to evolve in the electric vehicle space.


The anticipated launch of the Mahindra BE.05 is set for October 2025, marking a significant milestone as the company’s inaugural car built on the born-electric platform. While the BE.05 takes the spotlight as Mahindra’s first offering on this platform, it’s worth noting that the XUV e8 and XUV e9 are also slated to join the lineup. The XUV e8 is expected to debut in December 2024, followed by the XUV e9 in April 2025, adding to Mahindra’s portfolio of new electric SUVs in the coming months.


To conclude,  the Mahindra BE.05 electric SUV brings innovation, advanced features, and cutting-edge technology to the forefront. With its unique design and anticipated specifications, the BE.05 marks Mahindra’s noteworthy entry into the electric vehicle domain. As the automotive industry progresses, the launch of BE.05 is poised to contribute to the evolving trends and competitiveness in the market.

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