Tata Punch EV launches on January 17: Only one day to go
Tata Punch EV launches on January 17: Only one day to go

Tata Punch EV launches on January 17: Only one day to go

January 16, 2024

January 17 marks the all-electric launch of Tata’s micro-SUV

Tata Motors has revealed recently that they are getting closer and closer to the big day of the launch of the much-anticipated Punch EV in India. It has been confirmed by Tata Motors that the launch will take place on January 17 at 11.30 a.m. It is just one day away, and all the questions that EV enthusiasts are asking daily on social media will be answered on that day. The Punch EV is so much in demand that customers and makers alike are finding it more and more difficult to wait for it. As Tata’s fourth all-electric vehicle to go on sale in India, the Punch EV will also become the first all-electric vehicle based on the new Acti.ev platform that is going to form the basis for a range of other all-electric models from the company in the coming years.

In comparison to the standard Punch, the Punch EV features a noticeable design upgrade that makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a more ongoing design than the Nexon EV, with a lightbar situated at the base of the bonnet, an enclosed, body-color grille, and the headlamps mounted lower down on the bumper in triangular housings. Overall the look is more in line with the Nexon EV. The Punch EV is also expected to have the charging point positioned on the nose of the vehicle. As with the internal combustion model, the overall proportions, the silhouette, and the tail section remain intact over the gasoline-powered model.

Additionally, the interior of the car will also receive some important upgrades over the ICE Punch. This includes the inclusion of two large touch screens – for the infotainment touchscreen and the instrument cluster – over the ICE Punch. EVs from Tata are also expected to offer some first-in-segment features, such as ventilated front seats, wireless phone charging, an electric sunroof, cornering fog lamps, and a 360-degree camera system. A blind spot monitor is available on the top-spec variant of the Punch EV, as well as six airbags and an automatic stability program (ESP).


The Tata Motors Punch EV will be available in two different range options – the standard range and the long range. There will be a choice of two different wall box chargers for the former, while the latter will have the option of a 7.2 kW AC fast charger to supplement the 3.3 kW charger. As for the battery size and anticipated range for the two variants of the car, the carmaker has not yet confirmed these details. According to Tata, the Punch EV will take its place within the growing collection of Tata’s electric vehicles below the Nexon EV. 

Set your reminders so that you will not miss the launch of the much anticipated Tata Punch EV. You will be losing an irreplaceable moment if you miss it.

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