Sony Honda Mobility Unveils Prototype of Afeela EV at CES 2024
Sony Honda Mobility Unveils Prototype of Afeela EV at CES 2024

Sony Honda Mobility Unveils Prototype of Afeela EV at CES 2024

January 11, 2024
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Sony Honda Mobility took the stage at CES 2024 to reveal an updated prototype of the Afeela electric sedan. This comes as a part of the joint venture between Sony and Honda that commenced in 2022. The initial debut of their collaborative efforts was witnessed at CES 2023. The showcased prototype not only previews the outgoing model but also represents the evolution of the Afeela EV electric sedan, which made its first appearance as the Sony Vision-S concept in 2020. With several design updates since then, the sedan is poised to enter production in 2025.

Let’s quickly have a look at some key details of Afeela Electric Sedan:

Sony’s CES 2024 Press Conference Highlights

As part of the CES 2024 press conference, Sony unveiled the Afeela electric concept, a joint development with Honda. The CEO of Sony Honda Mobility Inc., Yasuhide Mizuno, took the stage to share insights into the in-car software experience. A notable highlight was Mizuno’s demonstration of remotely driving the electric vehicle on stage using a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

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Afeela Electric Sedan Design Features

The updated prototype of the Afeela Afeela EV boasts a redesigned front bumper and a distinctive protruding nose, complemented by a digital display. Sleek headlamps, positioned under a lighted strip on each side of the display, contribute to the sedan’s modern aesthetic. The design incorporates conventional side mirrors and thicker pillars, with anticipated updates to the taillights and rear bumper.

Revised Dimensions and Interior of the Afeela Electric Sedan

Notably, the Afeela electric sedan has undergone revisions in its dimensions, now measuring 4,915 mm in length, 1,460 mm in height, and 1,900 mm in width. The longer wheelbase of 3,000 mm adds an extra 20 mm compared to the previous model. Inside the cabin, while maintaining the overall concept, the electric sedan introduces a new center console and a double wireless smartphone charger. Additionally, the interior enhancements include a revised steering wheel and an all-new rearview mirror.

Powertrain and Performance Details

Powering the Afeela electric sedan are two electric motors integrated into an all-wheel-drive system. Positioned on the front and rear axles, these motors collectively deliver 482 bhp, with each motor capable of producing 241 bhp of peak power. The energy is drawn from a 91-kWh lithium-ion battery set, showcasing Sony and Honda’s commitment to advanced electric propulsion technology.

Expected Launch and Future Plans

Looking ahead, Sony and Honda aim to launch the Afeela electric sedan in 2026. This milestone signifies the culmination of their collaborative efforts, bringing to fruition an innovative and technologically advanced electric vehicle into the market

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