Ola Electric’s Krutrim AI public rollout starts today
Ola Electric’s Krutrim AI public rollout starts today

Ola Electric’s Krutrim AI public rollout starts today

February 26, 2024
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Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder of Ola Electric, made headlines on December 15, 2023, with the launch of India’s first proprietary AI tool, Krutrim. The anticipation surrounding this release had been building for some time, with Aggarwal’s tweets hinting at an extensive testing phase before the official public use. According to Aggarwal’s latest Twitter announcements, Ola Electric’s Krutrim completed its testing phase and is now ready for public beta rollout, marking a significant milestone in Ola Electric’s technological endeavors. 

So, before each one starts to use Krutrim why not get into a quick review of India’s first AI tool? Here are some key points of Krutrim AI: 

Key Features and Vision for Krutrim AI Tool 

As Bhavish Aggarwal launches  Krutrim to the public, he emphasizes its foundational role as Ola Electric’s first-generation product. Expressing confidence in its capabilities, Aggarwal encourages users to provide feedback, highlighting the continuous improvement that lies ahead. Addressing potential concerns, he acknowledges that while some imperfections may exist, they are expected to be notably lower in an Indian context compared to global platforms. Noteworthy features include Krutrim’s integration with over 10 Indian languages, ready to assist in English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, and even Hinglish,  demonstrating a commitment to cultural inclusivity. Aggarwal envisions Krutrim as a groundbreaking development in India’s AI computing landscape, poised to innovate alongside global standards and shape future paradigms.


Krutrim’s Linguistic Versatility and Comprehensive Features

Krutrim, a homegrown chat app, distinguishes itself through linguistic versatility, comprehending over 20 languages. Notably, it generates content in 10 Indian languages, showcasing a unique proficiency in Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and more. Beyond standard chat applications, Krutrim excels in tasks like coding, engages users in debates, shares stories, provides judgments, and facilitates reservations.

Cultural Understanding and Advanced AI Capabilities

Going beyond linguistic fluency, Krutrim showcases a deep understanding of the Indian ethos, delivering contextually rooted responses. It responds in a mix of Indian languages, connecting with users on a cultural level. Additionally, with voice-enabled AI applications, Krutrim offers a seamless, hands-free user experience, positioning itself as an advanced and culturally attuned AI solution for diverse linguistic and contextual scenarios.


With Ola Electric’s Krutrim public rollout, the potential impact is intriguing. The tool’s accessibility in multiple Indian languages signifies a step towards more inclusive technology. As users explore its features, the hands-free experience and cultural understanding could reshape how individuals interact with AI. The rollout not only marks a technological milestone but also hints at a future where advanced AI solutions seamlessly integrate into our lives, fostering a more connected and user-friendly digital experience. The true benefits will unfold as Krutrim becomes a part of daily routines, potentially enhancing efficiency and accessibility in diverse linguistic and contextual scenarios.









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