Ola Electric to launch MoveOS 5 soon New Features out
Ola Electric to launch MoveOS 5 soon New Features out

Ola Electric to launch MoveOS 5 soon New Features out

July 6, 2024
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Ola Electric, one of the leading electric scooter companies, consistently presents appealing offers to its customers. Known for its innovative features, Ola scooters have garnered a lot of appreciation. Recently, there has been buzz about the upcoming MOVEOS 5 software update, although nothing official has been announced yet. The current MoveOS 4 already boasts over 200 features.

Here are some anticipated features of MOVEOS 5.

Party Mode

 Once you open the Ola Application, you will see the Party Mode option displayed on the front itself, making it easy for you to activate. This feature allows you to enjoy music seamlessly without needing to be near the scooter, enhancing your convenience and enjoyment.

Charging Status on Screen

 In the current version, you had to check your phone or enter a password on the screen to see the charging status. With the new update, you only need to tap the TFT display on your scooter, and you will immediately receive the charging status. This improvement makes the process much more user-friendly and efficient.

Additions in the Music Section

 One of the significant updates in MoveOS 5 is the addition of a YouTube icon on your scooter screen. Along with this, the Ola FM app will also be available on the screen, giving you more entertainment options. The exact functionality of these additions will be revealed over time. 

Krutruim on the Ola Screen

 Ola Electric’s indigenously developed Krutruim App will now be available on your scooter’s TFT screen. This app will provide instant replies to any questions you ask, making your scooter smarter and more interactive, thus improving your overall riding experience.

Voice Command

 The voice command feature, which was showcased a few years ago, will be activated in the MoveOS 5 update. This voice assistant will detect when you approach or move away from the scooter, listen to your commands, and perform tasks accordingly, making your interaction with the scooter more intuitive and hands-free.

Ola Weather

 The new Ola Weather feature in MoveOS 5 will assist you in planning your trips better. For instance, you can ask, “Hey Ola, do I need a raincoat for today’s ride?” and the app will provide appropriate weather advice, helping you prepare for your journey more effectively.


The upcoming MOVEOS 5 update from Ola Electric promises to bring a host of new and exciting features, enhancing your overall user experience.  These innovations will undoubtedly make the Ola scooter even more appealing and user-friendly, ensuring that users continue to enjoy a seamless riding experience.

Source- As per the user tweet on X @GowthamaSeenu

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