Odysse CEO Plan’s to deliver 5,000 Vader for Every Six Months
Odysse CEO Plan’s to deliver 5,000 Vader for Every Six Months

Odysse CEO Plan’s to deliver 5,000 Vader for Every Six Months

December 30, 2023

Mumbai-based odysse EV is currently working on a new high-speed electric scooter that will be available next year. We are informed that the upcoming e-scooter will be an equivalent of 125 cc in engine size, although the company has not provided further details. With a new manufacturing facility under construction, the manufacturer plans to ramp up production. There is only one plant where Odysse manufactures its products. With an initial capacity of 10,000 units per month, the new facility will begin operations next year near Ahmedabad.

In India, Odysse EV recently began deliveries of the new Vader electric motorcycle. The company plans to deliver its existing orders of 5,000 units within the next six months. The Odysse Vader has begun to be delivered since the company received the iCAT certification following the successful completion of all tests earlier this month. In March of this year, the motorcycle was launched for 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom, before the FAME subsidy revision).

Deliveries of the Odysse Vader electric motorcycle were initially scheduled to begin in August this year but were pushed back by a quarter to accommodate the FAME subsidy revision in the final price, in addition to the iCAT certification. Besides being the company’s first offering to meet FAME II requirements, it also comes equipped with an integrated Google Maps search engine. According to the newly revised pricing, the model is now priced at Rs. 1.62 lakh (ex-showroom) and competes with the HOP Oxo, Revolt RV400, Oben Rorr, and the upcoming Matter Area.

The CEO of Odysse EV, Nemin Vora, said, “As for our other products, production is ongoing, but for the Vader, we plan to produce 300-400 units per month for the initial two months before scaling up once operations are more efficient. As of now, we are in the process of completing approximately 5,000 bookings, and we anticipate completing them in about six months.”

The demand for our products has been strong since we began deliveries mainly from South India, primarily from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Those are the three markets where we anticipate the Vader will be most successful”, Vora stated.

At present, Odysse EV has about 68 dealerships in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Vora informed us that the brand has a strong presence in the country’s south, west, and central regions. With dealerships in West Bengal, Odisha, and now Assam, the company has recently expanded into northeast and east India. Odyssey plans to expand its network to 90 dealerships by the end of the current financial year (FY2024) and further increase to over 150 outlets by the end of FY2025.

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