iVOOMi launches JeetX ZE E-Scooter, starting at Rs 79,999/-
iVOOMi launches JeetX ZE E-Scooter, starting at Rs 79,999/-

iVOOMi launches JeetX ZE E-Scooter, starting at Rs 79,999/-

May 8, 2024
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Delhi-based iVOOMi Energy has launched its latest electric scooter, JeetX ZE E-Scooter, starting at a competitive price of INR 79,999. The JeetX ZE has been meticulously crafted and engineered in India, following over 18 months of thorough research and development, alongside extensive testing that spanned more than 100,000 kilometers. This e-scooter signifies a remarkable leap forward compared to its predecessor, the JeetX, which has already covered a distance of over 10 million kilometers since its introduction three years ago. Available in three variants, each equipped with battery packs of 2.1kWh, 2.5kWh, and 3kWh, respectively, the JeetX ZE promises enhanced performance and efficiency.

Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO of iVOOMi expressed confidence in the JeetX ZE, stating,

“This e-scooter showcases our commitment to high-quality engineering and innovation in the EV sector. With its advanced features, impressive performance, and stylish design, we believe it will redefine perceptions of electric two-wheelers and contribute significantly to India’s transition to e-mobility.”

Let’s quickly have a look at the key specifications of JeetX ZE:


The scooter boasts a lengthy wheelbase of 1350mm and features a high seat configuration to ensure a comfortable ride, particularly during extended journeys. With expanded legroom and ample boot space, it offers enhanced utility, catering to both daily commuting needs and more extensive travel


JeetX ZE Features

Battery Performance
Patented Gen 3 battery pack

Manufactured domestically

Optimal power consumption

Impressive 170 kilometers on a single charge

Charging Capabilities
Provides up to 7KW of power

20% lighter compared to its predecessor

Cooling System
Enhanced cooling system

Offers 2.4 times better cooling efficiency

Improved space utilization compared to the previous model


The JeetX ZE comes with a compact, 12-kilogram removable battery pack, ensuring easy replacement, removal, and refitting for users of all kinds. The portable charger, weighing only 826 grams, also provides convenient charging, according to the company’s media release.


The Jeet X ZE stands out as the sole e-scooter in its category equipped with seven layers of safety features. Complementing its safety features is a user-friendly app designed to seamlessly connect with the vehicle via Bluetooth, enabling customers to monitor essential metrics in real-time. Among its key features are Distance to Empty, providing real-time information on the distance the scooter can travel, Turn-by-Turn Navigation for easy route guidance, and Alerts for incoming calls, SMS, and messages. Additionally, the scooter offers Geo-Fencing capabilities, empowering guardians to manage driving distances effectively.


JeetX ZE electric scooter will be available in 8 premium colors. The color options are as follows:

Nardo Grey
Imperial Red 
Urban Green 
Pearl Rose 
Premium Gold 
Cerulean Blue 
Morning Silver 
Shadow Brown 


Bookings of JeetX ZE electric scooter will start from 10th May. With an affordable price and advanced features, the JeetX E- E-E-scooter can become a favorable option for electric scooter enthusiasts and also for the ones who need a quality scooter for day-to-day travels or long journeys. 

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