The first transparent electric scooter was unveiled by Jitendra EV.
The first transparent electric scooter was unveiled by Jitendra EV.

The first transparent electric scooter was unveiled by Jitendra EV.

January 4, 2024

A first transparent electric scooter has been launched in the market with all the specifications which we need.

As we all are aware, the number of electric scooters is increasing every day and people are becoming more and more aware of electric scooters. Electric scooters run on battery. If another electric scooter is launched in the market, then another electric scooter named ‘Primo’ has been launched by Jitendra Electric Scooters. So, in this article, we will show you all the specifications and unique features of this electric scooter.

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A 90 km range Primo S and a 130 km range Primo Plus are expected to be released shortly.

The scooter is manufactured in Nashik and priced at Rs 79,999 ex-showroom. This scooter is available in two variants: Primo S and Primo Plus.

It is clear that the transparent PRIMO model remains the highlight of the category, but the electric vehicle manufacturer has also manufactured models in various colors such as black, silver, red, and white to suit the preferences of riders from different backgrounds.

This first transparent electric scooter is powered by a 60V, 26Ah battery pack and has a range of 65 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 52 kilometers per hour. Among the features included in the PRIMO are telescopic forks, hydraulic forks with a spring coil, and a 7-degree gradient capability, according to a press release from the manufacturer.

Jitendra Electric Scooters four color variants:- Red, Black, Silver and White.

Jitendra EV’s co-founder Samkit Shah stated at the launch, “At Jitendra EV, we aim to make the PRIMO transport model accessible to all types of riders who desire to purchase it. To achieve this objective, we developed a scooter model with high design and innovation that is easy on the pocketbook and yet high on design and innovation.”

The transparent electric vehicle has been successfully launched by our dedicated team, and after countless trials and errors, we are close to completing the production of the transparent scooter. “PRIMO is our way of allowing riders to experience the future of electric mobility.”

Jitendra EV’s scooter warranty period is 3 years for scooters and the upcoming battery warranty is 2 years after which an additional warranty will be provided after 1 year, which may compete with the kinetic green Zulu.

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