DeCharge – Supercharge the EV Revolution ⚡
DeCharge – Supercharge the EV Revolution ⚡

DeCharge – Supercharge the EV Revolution ⚡

June 14, 2024

DeCharge – Supercharge the EV Revolution

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy, the electric vehicle (EV) market is expanding rapidly. This surge in EV adoption has created an unprecedented demand for reliable and convenient charging infrastructure. DeCharge offers a revolutionary opportunity for homeowners, businesses, cafes—almost anyone, to join this transformative movement and earn, while supporting the green energy transition. Here’s why installing a DeCharge EV charger can be a smart investment.

India’s rapidly growing EV adoption:

1.7 million EVs sold in FY2024.
Over 100,000 EVs sold each month.
Over 45% EV penetration by 2030.
Estimated 3 million EVs on the roads.
Very few public charging stations.

Why Install an EV Charger?

 Growing Demand: The popularity of electric vehicles is skyrocketing, creating an urgent need for widespread, reliable charging stations. By installing an EV charger, you position yourself at the forefront of this expanding market, catering to the increasing number of EV owners who require convenient charging options.
High Profit Margins: EV charging stations can generate significant revenue, making them an attractive investment opportunity. DeCharge presents an opportunity to tap into this high potential market & yield returns on your investment.
Long-Term Potential: The global shift towards sustainable energy ensures that EV charging stations will remain valuable assets for years to come. By investing in an EV charger today, you’re securing a profitable, long-term revenue stream.

How Can You Benefit?

Set Your Own Price: With DeCharge, you have the flexibility to set your own hourly rate for charging services. This autonomy allows you to ensure competitive and attractive pricing while maximising your earnings.
Earn Up to Rs.24,000/year : A single DeCharge device can generate significant revenue, with potential earnings reaching up to Rs.24,000 annually. This makes it a highly attractive investment for those looking to effortlessly supplement their income.
Competitive Advantage for Businesses: Installing an EV charger not only generates revenue but also sets your business apart from competitors. It attracts new customers, builds loyalty, and provides a platform to market your business while users charge their EVs, boosting your overall revenue.
Increase Property Value: Installing an EV charger can enhance your property’s value, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters. This added value is a significant benefit for property owners looking to maximise their investment.

Why DeCharge?

DeCharge is committed to addressing India’s EV charging shortfall by developing a network of accessible public charging stations. This initiative not only supports the growing number of EVs but also creates a revenue-generating opportunity for charge point owners. By providing reliable infrastructure and support, DeCharge helps alleviate range anxiety, driving widespread EV adoption and boosting income for charge point owners.

Compact Chargers: DeCharge offers versatile chargers with a 3 amp socket & MCB switch for protection. These are perfect for businesses, offices, homes, small shops, restaurants, cafes—almost anywhere! Their compact design ensures they fit seamlessly into any environment.
Easy Installation: DeCharge ensures a smooth and quick installation process, allowing you to start earning as soon as possible, maximising your earnings.
DeCharge App:: Seamlessly connecting EV owners with nearby charging points, driving revenue for charge point owners.

Expert Support & Warranty: DeCharge provides comprehensive support from start to finish. Their team will guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless experience with comprehensive after-sales support and a 2-year warranty.
Affordable Charger Cost: At a cost of just Rs.12,000, DeCharge chargers are an affordable investment. Given the potential earnings, this initial investment can be quickly recouped, making it a cost-effective solution for generating passive income.
Long life & durability: The DeCharge charging point is built to last, with a lifespan of at least 7 years.

Earning Potential:

Charge point cost: Rs.12,000 ( Hurry Promotional offer! – Get for just Rs.5000 until 30 June 2024)
Cost per unit: Rs.6-9
Set your own price up to Rs.25/unit
Earn Rs.18,000 – 20,000 annually 

Hurry! Limited time offer – First 500 customers only

1) Businesses:

Get the DeCharge charger for Free!
Verify GST registration & sign a MoU
Earn profit share from charging fees

2) Homeowners & non-businesses:

Pay a security deposit of Rs.5000
Install & start earning Rs.1500 to 2000 per month
Recoup security deposit within 3 to 4 months

Join the EV Revolution with DeCharge
DeCharge presents an unparalleled opportunity to join the EV revolution and unlock substantial revenue potential. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to generate passive income, a business aiming to attract new customers, or a property owner seeking to increase value, DeCharge has the solution. With compact, easy-to-install chargers, expert support, and a focus on addressing the pressing need for EV infrastructure, DeCharge is leading the charge towards a greener, more profitable future. Install a charger today and start earning with DeCharge!

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