Ola S1 X+ & Bounce Infinity E+ depend on your priorities
Ola S1 X+ & Bounce Infinity E+ depend on your priorities

Ola S1 X+ & Bounce Infinity E+ depend on your priorities

February 27, 2024


Here’s a breakdown to help you decide

Key Differences:

Ola S1 X+
Bounce Infinity E+


151 km
85 km

Top Speed
90 km/h
65 km/h

Battery Capacity
3 kWh
1.9 kWh

Charging Time
7 hours 24 mins
4 hours

Power Modes
Economy, Normal, Sports
Power, Eco

Boot Space
34 L
12 L

Battery Warranty
8 years 80k km
 3 years 40 k km

Factors to Consider:

Range: Ola S1 X+ & Bounce Infinity E+ depend on your priorities, If you need a scooter for longer commutes or frequent trips, the Ola S1 X+ with its significantly higher range of 151 km is the clear winner.

Performance: The Ola S1 X+ offers superior performance with a higher top speed and faster acceleration.
Price: The Bounce Infinity E+ is slightly more expensive but offers a shorter charging time.
Features: The Ola S1 X+ boasts additional features like more power modes and a larger boot space.
Brand Trust: Ola has a more established presence in the market, while Bounce is a relatively new player.

Here’s who might prefer which scooter:

Ola S1 X+: Ideal for riders who prioritize *long-range, performance, and features*. Suitable for daily commutes and occasional longer trips.
Bounce Infinity E+: A good option for riders who need a *budget-friendly scooter with a decent range and faster charging*. Suitable for shorter commutes and occasional city rides.

Availability: Check the availability of both scooters in your area and test-ride them if possible.

Bounce Infinity E+ Vehicle available on Flipkart

Charging infrastructure: Consider the availability of charging stations for both scooters in your area.

Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. Weigh the factors mentioned above and choose the scooter that best suits your riding style and budget.

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