BluSmart Launches Electric Ride-Hailing Service in Dubai
BluSmart Launches Electric Ride-Hailing Service in Dubai

BluSmart Launches Electric Ride-Hailing Service in Dubai

May 23, 2024
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Indian ride-hailing startup BluSmart has officially commenced testing operations of ride-hailing service in Dubai. The move, which has been anticipated for several months, positions BluSmart to challenge established players like Careem, Uber, and Hala in the UAE’s largest city.

Launch Details and Initial Operations

Earlier this week, BluSmart discreetly enabled its Dubai service through its app and created a dedicated subdomain for Dubai on its website. Co-founder Anmol Jaggi confirmed to TechCrunch that a pilot program started on Tuesday with a fleet of 100 Audi E-Tron SUVs and 130 drivers. The formal launch is scheduled for early June.

Planning and Strategy

BluSmart began planning its Dubai debut in early 2023, according to sources familiar with the matter. Despite initial denials by CBO Tushar Garg when contacted in March last year, co-founder Punit Goyal later confirmed in a local media interview that launches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai were planned for November and December. Anmol Jaggi, without revealing a specific timeline, indicated that BluSmart plans to expand to Abu Dhabi later this year. This strategic expansion is expected to further solidify BluSmart’s presence in the UAE.

Founding and Early Support

Founded in 2019 by Anmol Jaggi, his brother Puneet Jaggi, and Punit Goyal, BluSmart set out to disrupt the Uber and SoftBank-backed Ola duopoly. The startup launched with an electric vehicle (EV) fleet in Gurugram and Delhi, expanding to Bengaluru in 2022.

Financial Backing

BluSmart’s early investors include BP Ventures, Mayfield India Fund, and Green Frontier Capital. In January, the startup secured $25 million from Switzerland-based impact fund ResponsAbility to enhance its charging infrastructure. Last month, BluSmart reported a significant annual run rate increase of 102%, reaching $60 million. The company has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 300% over the past three years, reflecting its rapid expansion and market penetration.

Fleet Expansion Goals

BluSmart currently operates a fleet of over 7,300 EVs, having covered nearly 286 million miles. The company aims to expand its fleet to 10,000 EVs by the end of 2024, underscoring its commitment to growth and sustainability in the ride-hailing industry.

Final Thoughts

Ride-hailing services like BluSmart play a crucial role in enhancing the daily commute for employees, significantly impacting their work-life balance. With easy access to reliable and efficient fleet services, employees can manage their daily travel with ease, reducing stress and saving time. BluSmart’s efforts in India have already proven successful in providing sustainable and convenient transportation solutions. By expanding to Dubai, BluSmart aims to replicate this success, offering the same level of convenience and efficiency in a new market. This expansion not only benefits individual commuters but also contributes to the broader transportation ecosystem in the region, making daily commutes smoother and more environmentally friendly.

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