Ather 450S Service Costs 10k; Extra Cost for Parts and Labour

Ather 450S Service Costs 10k; Extra Cost for Parts and Labour

April 25, 2024
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Ather 450S Owner Voices Concerns Over Escalating Service Expenses Arun Bhat S, whose Ather 450S went for maintenance after receiving the bill showcased his concern and took to social media to express dismay over rising service costs attributed to the transition from company-run to dealer-run service centers.


The most appalling part of the story was the same cost for Ather 450S and Kia EV6.

Ather 450S servicing at 30,000 km costs INR 7,500.
Kia EV6 servicing at 20,000 km costs INR 7,500 (approx)

Over Brake repair of Ather 450S: Extra Cost 

If you wish to repair your Over Brake Component then you have to be ready to pay extra money. At least this is what was pointed out by Mr. Arun, it is evident from the bill that he received.

This is minimal in Electric cars where brake maintenance is minimal.

Discontinuation of Pro Service Packs Raises Concern: Ather Energy

With Ather discontinuing pro service packs, many owners are facing increased service expenses, leading Arun to question the transition to a dealership model and its impact on costs.

Ola Electric Service Cost is cheaper than Ather Energy

Arun noted the absence of similar service cost issues with his Ola S1 Pro electric scooter, urging Ather Energy to reconsider discontinuing service subscriptions to address customer concerns.

What did Ather Energy do? 

After the post received wider attention, Ather Energy reached out to the customer and promised a solution.

We can hope for the best that Ather Energy puts an end to these Exorbitant service charges or else they’ll bite the dust soon enough.

For more such stories, stay tuned!

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