ARAI EV certification for Safari & Harrier EVs spotted on tow truck.
ARAI EV certification for Safari & Harrier EVs spotted on tow truck.

ARAI EV certification for Safari & Harrier EVs spotted on tow truck.

January 2, 2024

ARAI EV certification for Safari EV and Harrier EV were spotted.

The Safari EV and Harrier EV feature different fascias and will feature around 60 kWh of battery power in both FWD and AWD configurations.

In Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh, Tata Motors inaugurated two EV-specific dealerships. A new EV lineup will be added by Tata Motors in the form of the Safari EV and Harrier EV, which have been tested in recent months. These will be Tata’s flagship products. The Nexon EV sits above the recently launched Nexon EV.

Tow truck spotted with Safari EV and Harrier EV.

Tata is the name of the company. It is the main objective of these EV dealerships to offer a curated experience to potential EV purchasers, with eco-friendliness playing a significant role in their selection process. Tow trucks were seen hauling the recent test mules. They were both heavily camouflaged, giving them a distinct identity. During a traffic stop in Pune, these test mules were spotted on a tow truck.

These test mules are being transported by tow truck for use in ARAI testing for single-charge range. It was on a tow truck as well when the Tata Punch EV test mule was photographed in May 2023. Automotive enthusiast Anvay Sheolikar has taken spy shots of the new Safari EV and Harrier EV. In an interesting development, these test mules were worn by pre-facelift safaris and harriers, which were replaced with ICE versions following the facelift. As of 2023, Tata Motors will display a new design for the Safari EV and Harrier EV in production-spec form.

Tata Harrier EV.

For ARAI EV certification and testing procedures, mechanical components (in this case, electrical components) are what is important. We expect that the Harrier EV and Safari EV will be enhanced over their respective ICE counterparts in the same way that Nexon and Nexon EV were enhanced. Compared with their ICE counterparts, we can expect minor design changes in the form of a closed grille and revised bumpers.

Tata’s plans. What will be EV’s new flagship models?

The Safari and Harrier’s EV counterparts are likely to feature blue elements, just as the Nexon EV does. The exterior as well as the interior. With the Tiago EV, Tiago EV, and Nexon EV, Tata Motors has taken the lead in the Indian electric car market. With new electric vehicles expected to arrive in India, the electric vehicle market is expected to grow competitive. XUV.e8 (XUV700 electric) from Mahindra will primarily rival Safari EV and Harrier.

Image Source:- RushLane

Tata Safari Electric with a new design.

If there is sufficient demand for Hyundai’s upcoming Creta EV, an Alcazar EV could be produced based on the Creta EV. To accommodate batteries for the EV counterparts of Safari and Harrier, the Land Rover-derived OMEGARC platform will be modified. There will be two types of AWD: FWD which is standard and dual motor AWD which is optional.

There is a possibility that Tata will sell its flagship electric SUV with a 60 kWh battery pack, which would provide a range of approximately 500 kilometers on a single charge. There should be an 80 kWh battery pack option in the mix since Mahindra’s INGLO platform on the XUV.e8 is expected to pack 80 kWh of batteries in its higher variants. Several electric vehicles will be launched by Tata in 2024, including the Safari EV and the Harrier EV.

They may launch sooner rather than later, given the increasing number of sightings of test mules. Prices are likely to range from about Rs. 25 lakh (ex-SH) to Rs. 35 lakh (ex-SH).

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ARAI EV certification for Safari & Harrier ...

[…] ARAI EV certification for Safari EV and Harrier EV seen being transported on a tow truck.  […]

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