AMO Mobility launches Jaunty i Pro Electric Scooter at Rs 1.15 lakh
AMO Mobility launches Jaunty i Pro Electric Scooter at Rs 1.15 lakh

AMO Mobility launches Jaunty i Pro Electric Scooter at Rs 1.15 lakh

April 3, 2024
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AMO Electric Bikes has launched the Jaunty i Pro, a high-speed electric two-wheeler designed for Tier-I and Tier-II cities and last-mile delivery. Competing with models like the Vida V1 Plus, TVS iQube, and Ather 450 Plus, the Jaunty i Pro aims to meet the evolving needs of electric mobility.

Founder of AMO Mobility Mr Sushant Kumar said on the launch,

“Our much-awaited model Jaunty i Pro is a demonstration of our strides in innovation in EV technology. The model’s key safety features and advanced BMS make it a smart vehicle that caters to the market demand. In addition, the battery capacity of 2.52 kWh and unparalleled mileage make up an incredible combination, which I believe will connect the most with the modern riders and facilitate the electric two-wheeler vehicle adoption rate in India’s rural and urban areas. With all its parts manufactured in India, we expect Jaunty i Pro to make a Domestic Value Addition of over 90% at the supplier level while supporting our country’s fight against emissions”.

Here are some key specifications of Jaunty i Pro Electric scooter:


The AMO Mobility Jaunty i Pro showcases a standard E2W design, prioritizing lightweight construction for effortless maneuvering. Boasting a high-speed electric scooter status, it incorporates a BLDC hub electric motor.



Motor Type
High efficiency BLDC hub motor

143 N-m

2.95 kW (max), 2.52 kW (battery)

Up to 120 km

Speed Modes
Economic, City Ride, Power Mode (up to 60 km/hr)

Torque Efficiency
Best-in-class 143 Nm with over 90% motor efficiency

Charging Time
Approximately 3.5 hours



To bolster vehicle safety, the Jaunty i Pro integrates advanced battery technology coated with anti-flame potting material, alongside a buzzer system that provides alerts regarding battery temperature. Moreover, it adopts the CAN 2.0B protocol and incorporates advanced features such as a combination braking system and safety communication systems, all aimed at ensuring rider safety and comfort.


The Jaunty i Pro electric two-wheeler comes in three colours which are as follows:



Jaunty i Pro electric scooter is priced at Rs 1.15 lakh. The scooter can be accessed through 200+ dealership networks. 

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